You Know Your Career is Over When You're in These Types of Commercials

Perhaps I watch a LOT of TV, but I find most of the commercials annoying!

A trend as of late is to recycle old has-been stars and put them into a commercial.

Without further ado, here are the types of commercials has-been celebrities are in when their careers are just about over.

Cash 4 Gold Ads

Or any ad that wants your gold.

Remember Ed McMahon? The Star Search King?

Well, now he’s a shady Gold peddler.

Guess who else is in that video? MC HAMMER! Talk about a has-been who ironically doesn’t have that Midas touch.

World of Warcraft

Yet another has-been: Mr. T. Like I’m going to play World of Warcraft just to play with a mo-hawk head? Pullleaase.

And you’re not off the hook either Ozzy. You’re done too.

Money Lending Scams (err, commercials)

Remember Rusty Wallace and his annoying advertisements for US Fidelis (which is pretty much out of business now for anti-consumer practices)?

Apparently he is also sponsored by Loanmax Title Loans. Can you spell shady? Here’s a quick video.

Next up is Montel Williams. Here’s another geezer trying to push high-interest payday loans.

C’mon Montel, we’re not fooled. Quit trying to get us deeper into debt in our troubled economy.

Weight Loss Commercials

Unless you’re Oprah, you can’t pull this type of commercial off. Just ask Kirstie Alley.

Too bad she didn’t lose any weight and ballooned even more.

Sorry, Kirstie. You’re career is over! I personally don’t ever want to see you wear a bathing suit again! It’s like watching my grandmother undress.

Would You Like Some Yogurt?

Jamie Lee Curtis was good in True Lies. And after that…? Oh yeah, Activia!

I personally get disgusted when females talk about “irregularity”, but the yogurt is actually pretty good. Too bad the commercials aren’t.

Jamie, I’m sorry to see you go.

Ah, Sally, That’s Where You Went!

I’ve missed Sally Field since her last memorable performance in Forrest Gump. Now she’s back on the scene with her advertisements for a prescription medicine named Boniva.

So sorry Sally. We liked you, we really did like you.

You Appear in a Hanes Commercial

Michael Jordan? Retired. Charlie Sheen? In jail. Need I say more?

That’s all I got! Any types of commercials I miss?

5 thoughts on “You Know Your Career is Over When You're in These Types of Commercials”

  1. You forgot to add in the biggie, Sallie Struthers!!! Although I thought the WoW commercial with Ozzy was kinda funny. I mean, who were they targeting by using him? Most kids don’t know who he is and anyone that does that games probably already plays WoW.

  2. The sad part of all of this is that so many of these actors did so well at one time and this parallels many of our own careers. For example, several Engineers and Managers I grew up with and learned from now work at Wally-World and Lowes – it’s sad really.

    Now one actor who has leveraged his TV personality into a money making “gold mine” is William (Bill) Shatner of Star Trek. Unlike the others who could be considered washed up, Bill Shatner has actually parlayed his hightly recognized face and personality into such popularity that he could just about sell anything on TV.

  3. Lol. It’s true the commercial is the last desperate grab at TV fame and income for so many stars. But I have to disagree with you on the Mr T one! It is just so entertaining and so good to see him back on TV… ina commercial or not!

    He did a great advert for Snickers, if you haven’t seen it check it out:

    Maybe if they are in a geniunely quality advert it’s sort of ok. Pity 99% of commercials are rubbish though.

    1. You’re right! Crazy!….wonder why they would continue to play that commercial after his death…Haven’t seen it much lately, but have definitely seen it a few times within the past 6 months. May be the same as they did with the Billy Mays dude (hercules hooks, OxiClean, etc). I know they played his commercials for a while after he passed. Family may have needed the money or there were legal contractual issues in the mix….

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