I jokingly e-mailed Sarah this morning and told her that we should go to the midnight showing at the new Rave Theater here in Huntsville.  Without even checking her e-mail, Sarah found out that X-Men 3 was playing at midnight.  I told her to go ahead and buy tickets.  She did so at about noon.

Only after arriving at our theater at ten o’clock in the evening did we realize that both screens for X-Men were completely sold out.  We were the first ones in line, and nobody really joined us in line until about 10:30.  After that, droves of people showed up.  The line (the part that I could see) was about two hundred feet long.  I felt silly for arriving so early, but I knew from past experience that this was the kind of movie where there was a line.

I’m not going to shed any details about the movie because I know there are readers that have yet to see it.  However, I do highly recommend watching the movie.  Opening nights for a movie are usually stressful, but this opening night was just an awesome experience.