WP Grins Lite

This WordPress plugin is a “lite” version of the very popular WP Grins plugin by Alex King.

The plugin allows smilies to be inserted in the comment area of a WordPress blog.

WP Grins Screenshot

Difference Between WP Grins and WP Grins Lite

The original installation of WP Grins requires the heavy overhead of the Prototype JavaScript library.

WP Grins Lite uses the much lighter-weight jQuery library.

Download Information

The plugin can be downloaded over at WP Grins Lite on WP Extend.


  1. Download the plugin archive and expand it (you’ve likely already done this).
  2. Put the ‘wp-grins-lite’ folder into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and click ‘Activate’ for WP Grins.


WP Grins Lite is simply a port from the Prototype library to jQuery. The functionality should still be the same, but the footprint lighter.

8 thoughts on “WP Grins Lite”

    1. Use whichever version you prefer. WP Grins Lite has a cleaner codebase and fixes some bugs, so you should at least give it a try.

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