Man Tied Up in a Chair

This post was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Work.

I work in a cube farm. Cube farms are nice for privacy, but there are some very big disadvantages of cubical life.

The Morning Chatter

When I arrive at work early in the morning, the office is quiet. I mean, quiet. I could drop a pen and hear it. I could throw a pen across the office and hear where it lands (while hopefully hitting someone in the head in the process). But soon people start getting their coffee and the conversations start.

I have my coffee as well, but I just go straight to my cube and perform my duties. People soon start visiting cubes and the voices drown out any thoughts I have of actually getting some work done.

As a relief to the morning chatter, I usually put my headphones on and crank up my iPod.

The Speakerphone Mayhem

Some people think they are so important that everyone else has to hear their phone conversation. I know putting a phone to your ear is a big deal, but not everyone wants to hear the other side of the conversation.

I am a big fan of headsets. If you are that extremely important that you require a speakerphone, at least invest in a headset. It’ll save you in the long run from the harsh stares and the weird noises that seem to “come out of nowhere” by “disrespectful” co-workers within speakerphone-hearing distance.

Nail Clipping

I don’t care how quiet you are at work when clipping your nails. Someone will hear it. And some don’t even try to muffle the sound of the excruciating metal clink when nail matter explodes into what I hope is the trashcan.

I can tolerate at least one nail clipping a day, but there have been days I’ve heard three or four people clipping their nails. I just hope it was finger nails and not toe nails (*shudder*).

Office Politics

In every office, there is some form of politics. One form of politics is that you do a task to get something in return. You also don’t want to piss someone off since that person may need to help you in the future.

However, there is a point when office politics crosses into a form of office corruption. For example, a person is obviously a slacker, but you find out that the person is the boss’s daughter’s best friend. Do you see a conflict of interest here?

Stupid Rules

You know that iPod I cranked up to cure me of the morning chatter? Now in many places, these devices are banned since they present a security risk. I believe it’s because they are classified as “portable storage devices.” On top of that, CDs aren’t allowed since they are also classified as portable storage.

Ok, so I can’t listen to music at work? How about a bring a portable radio in and listen to the radio? Ah, I can’t, because the signal doesn’t get picked up well enough.

I swear that some of these people making up the rules are out taking three hour lunches and golfing and then suddenly a moment of enlightenment is reached and they say, “Hmmm… Let’s take this away from our employees to see how much their morale is crushed.”

Rude Co-Workers

Ever walk into the elevator and say hello to someone only to have them not respond? What nerve?!

Next time someone doesn’t respond to me when I go for a smile, nod, or “hello”, I think I’ll just hold out my foot and watch them trip just to get a response out of them.