Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse Pictures

I stayed up way too late last night taking pictures, but here’s the result.

20101221_Lunar Eclipse_1383.jpg

20101221_Lunar Eclipse_1392.jpg

20101221_Lunar Eclipse_1394.jpg

20101221_Lunar Eclipse_1418.jpg

20101221_Lunar Eclipse_1422.jpg

20101221_Lunar Eclipse_1427_1.jpg

20101221_Lunar Eclipse_1457.jpg

20101221_Lunar Eclipse_1459.jpg

20101221_Lunar Eclipse_1466.jpg


  1. Looks awesome. It was too cloudy in Austin for me to see it well.

  2. Love the Eclipse pics! I want to take one too but I don’t have the proper equipment for it. Really love it!

  3. i haven’t seen the real eclipse…thanks for providing the pictures…this was really beautiful…

  4. i Love the red color of the moon…

  5. Thanks for doing this, Ronald. I know “somebody” bullied/harassed you until you were compelled to do this for them since they would not be able to see this incredibly rare occurrence. Beautiful pics 😉

  6. Those are great shots I wasn’t able to get up and watch it I was so disappointed.

  7. Really nice picture series. You have worked hard which proves your photography spirit. Good results for being a night owl. May be next time will get a solar eclipse here on your blog. Lolz

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