So I attended my first ever WordPress meet-up in Nashville, Tennessee. As I was leaving the meet-up, I asked one of the attendees if there were any good restaurants close by.

“Yeah, go to Interstate 65 South and exit Old Hickory and there are a bunch of restaurants down there.”

I took the advice and stumbled on what looked like a nice and cozy restaurant called Wild Iris.

It was one of those $20 a plate restaurants, which I wasn’t quite expecting. However, I thought I deserved a treat and stuck around hoping for some good food.

After the waitress took my order, I asked her how long the food was going to take to come out.

“Oh, it’ll be about fifteen minutes.” she said.

“Is it okay if I go bring my laptop in from my car?”

“Sure, honey. Go right ahead.”

I walked outside and got my laptop and set it up on my table to field some WordPress plugin support requests.

“What is he doing?” I could hear a loud and irate chef in the background, but I didn’t know whom his comments were being directed at.

“This isn’t the type of place where he can do that.” the chef continued.

I typed away, trying to hear what was going on in the background.

“You can’t just pull out your laptop here. That’s disrespecting the table.” the chef concluded.

By that time I was getting angry and glared at the chef to mind his own business. It wasn’t like I didn’t ask permission.

I finished my e-mail and closed down my laptop to satisfy the chef and to stop “disrespecting” my table.

However, the chef’s remarks spoiled the rest of my meal. It’s sad when all a chef can think about is a table being disrespected rather than the customer. Which begs the question, is the establishment more important than the people in it?

When I left Wild Iris, it was about six in the evening. Every other place in that area was packed with customers. But not this place. The food was good. The prices were somewhat reasonable. But the cockiness of the staff and the attitude of the food preparers was what drove the experience down.

My advice to the people of Wild Iris: respect your customers. You won’t win repeat business by being too into yourselves.

What are your thoughts on this? Should I have just left my laptop in the car?