Living in the U.S., I would hope that I was getting all of the news I should and not the news that someone else figured was important. However, it was brought to my attention this week by one of our northern neighbors (yes, in Canada) about the big differences between Canadian news and American news.

For a brief glimpse in the differences, check out the Fox News main page and compare that to the Canada section on CBC.

The only reason I mention the differences is that there is a pretty monumental trial going on that I’ve never heard of. The trial — dubbed the Pickton trial — involves a man who may have murdered dozens of women on his property.

The crimes this man allegedly committed recreate some of the worst scenes in Sin City and then some. This man may have murdered dozens of women on his pig farm in the most gruesome of ways.

Since 1978, a significant number of prostitutes went missing in the Vancouver area. Attempts to get the police involved were difficult because of the prostitute-status of the women. In other words, the police didn’t really care.

Only in August of 2001 did police finally hint that there could possibly be a serial killer abducting these women. Pickton was finally charged with killing six women, but more bodies continue to be found on his property.

Here is a quote from the Pickton trial notes:

It is Canada’s biggest murder prosecution. In January 2007, a jury began hearing about the fates of six women who disappeared from Vancouver’s downtown Eastside between 1997 and 2001.

The six are among 26 women Robert William Pickton, a pig farmer in suburban Port Coquitlam, is accused of killing.


I’m glad this trial was brought to my attention. When Anna Nicole Smith is on the front page, or Bush is bashing Democrats, it’s easy to lose sight of stuff that is occuring just outside the US’s borders.