When the Big Boss Gets You Down

I hardly ever blog about work just because I’m in a very political environment. I will make an exception with this post, but names will be omitted, and the scenario warped a little.

I was attending a mandatory video teleconference at my company. About an hour into the teleconference, my bladder could take no more. I had to get up and use the restroom. To exit the teleconference, I had to walk through a break-out room just outside of the teleconference room. Within this room was an executive at my company entertaining some senior officials. His assistant immediately approached me and tried to walk me back into the teleconference.

“I have to use the restroom.” I said explaining my intrusion.

The assistant replied, “Well, if you need to go, go ahead.”

The executive — surrounded by many other top officials — looked at me and said, “Make sure you don’t come walking through here for a while.”

“Don’t walk through here for a while?” I questioned.

In my mind, I was thinking about how I was going to get back to the teleconference. The executive had other plans.

“Go! Get out of here.”

As the executive said that, I could hear chuckling amongst the officials. The big wig had humiliated yet another employee.

I walked out without saying another word. After this incident, I went and found another teleconference room so I could listen in on the remainder of the session. However, the executive’s words haunted me for the rest of the day.

I just find it rather appalling that an executive at such a high level would treat an employee like the dirt on the ground. Not a hint of understanding came out of the executive’s mouth. Instead, I was humiliated and looked down on.

For a person that high up, I imagine that the executive must have felt like I didn’t matter. However, any respect I had for the executive is now gone. I believe people should earn respect by their actions; instead, this executive earns respect by status and humiliation.

Thanks for reading.

1 thought on “When the Big Boss Gets You Down”

  1. There is nothing worse than being sat in meeting when you are bursting for a visit to the bathroom.

    It makes us feel like little kids when we have to sneak out the back of the room.

    I have to say your guy sounded some what of a jerk after all it’s not like he’s never been in the same situation.

    The problem is the more you try and hold on the worse it gets!

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