When Doing Three Tasks at Once Isn't a Good Idea

As I was checking my mail, I noticed something that would have made a corporate manager smile: a woman attempting to accomplish three tasks at once.

The tasks this woman was attempting to do were:

  • Take care of the baby.
  • Take two dogs for a walk.
  • Check the mail.

The execution of said tasks, however, wasn’t exactly efficient.

Taking Care of the Baby

In order to take care of the baby, the woman placed the baby in a stroller, which she pushed with her left hand. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem. But the dogs factored into the equation.

Managing Two Small and Hyper Dogs

In the woman’s right hand were two leashes that attached to two separate dogs. This by itself would be a chore, but the woman was now faced with the task of making sure the dogs did their business, while also making sure the dogs didn’t get run over or run away. The dogs were also loud and would bark at just about anything that moved.

And Checking the Mail

The lady had to make the journey approximately two hundred yards from her home to the mailbox center. The lady had to make the slow and tedious journey (pushing the stroller and caring for the dogs) to the mailbox and make that same journey back.

While checking the mail, the lady let go of the stroller and attempted to unlock her mailbox and check it with only her left hand (while still holding onto the dogs).

Efficiency Please?

While I can’t think of how the lady would have gotten out of walking the dogs with the baby in-stow, I can’t help but ponder why she didn’t wait until help arrived (in the form of daddy perhaps). Then the lady could have checked the mail (while giving the baby some sunshine) while someone else walked the dogs. Sounds efficient to me at least.

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