Westboro Has Almost Too Much Attention

I’ve written about Westboro Baptist Church three times so far, and I have a feeling this post won’t be my last rant against this anti-American (dare I say terrorist?) organization.

Being a Baptist church, you would think they would know the golden rule of treating others how they want to be treated. Well, the golden rule finally came back to haunt them at a recent protest at a fallen Soldier’s funeral. The protesters had to be escorted out of a hostile mob by police officers, and then led to safety by several police vehicles. You can watch the video here: Westboro Church Freaks Chased Away.

Organizations such as the Patriot Guard have also gotten involved and help protect the grieving families from the protesters.

Westboro as an organization is just smothered in absurdity. I’m glad the organization is getting as much attention as it does, because it just solidifies in the American persona that Westboro is a filthy, unkempt, and hostile organization. I just hope nobody confuses the church with “real” Christianity. That would be a bigger tragedy than their protests at funerals.

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1 thought on “Westboro Has Almost Too Much Attention”

  1. This group has puzzled me for awhile. I wonder if at one point they really cared about the direction of the country and just prayed an awful lot, lost their spiritual direction, and became corrupted in their heart? Or if they are just a cult to begin with looking for a platform.

    I wonder what would happen if some true lovers of Jesus began worshipping with them and praying for them and relating to them? I'm assuming it's an open church which may be a big assumption.

    Another case of people taking such a strong reactionary stance that it does no one any good.

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