Well, I Officially Made it to the Front Page of Digg. Did I Feel Special?

On Sunday, March 30th, I awoke to a pleasant surprise. A post I wrote had made the front page of Digg.

Digg Front Page

The post? Well, I just happened to be one of the first to publish an article on the release of WordPress 2.5.

Should the article have been dugg? Probably not, since it wasn’t the official release. But keep in mind, the article was published before the official release. Should I have waited for the official release? Are you nuts?!

In this case, it paid to be first. But I talked to Mark at WLTC and he said there was no unusual increase in traffic. I have my own theories that WLTC itself is its own social network, and probably much more powerful than Digg with regards to WordPress related news.

So do I feel special that I made Digg’s front page? Not really. But I suppose it’s another certificate to hang on the wall.

6 thoughts on “Well, I Officially Made it to the Front Page of Digg. Did I Feel Special?”

  1. Considering the microbytes required to update the PC monitor I consider this achievement astonishing! Simply astonishing!!! Now update your word press megabytes and reload your megapixels!!!

  2. That’s nice, so did you see any big time traffic by other diggers? I wonder how people get slamed by digg traffic if they get to front page…

    Btw i wrote same day you did well few hours after 🙂 and also I wrote article on what I hate & Love about WP 2.5 👿

  3. Hey, it’s something to pat yourself on the back for. I myself have never made it to the first page of Digg, but I can’t imagine how you didn’t get even a small increase in traffic from it due to the amount of page views it gets.

  4. Kentucky Derby Picks »

    A lot of diggers were rather peeved that the original announcement wasn’t dugg, so there wasn’t too much flow-through traffic. It eventually got booted off the front page.

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