Weekend Survey: Your Favorite Bumper Sticker Slogan?

For this week’s Weekend Survey, I ask, “What is your favorite bumper sticker slogan?” The slogan doesn’t have to actually be a bumper sticker, but could be something you see as being a bumper sticker.

My friend cetroyer ran one by me that I thought was pretty clever: PETA – People Eating Tender Animals.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Survey: Your Favorite Bumper Sticker Slogan?”

  1. 1. "Dog is my co-pilot"
    2. "I saw the Mother Ship"
    3. "Kill Your Television"
    4. "My other car is a broom"
    5. The absence of the ubiquitous "Kerry / Edwards" bumper sticker after the dems' midterm election victories. What, didn't they like Kerry enough to keep him on their car?

  2. The ones I've run across that I thought were funny:

    "Bumper Stickers Are Not the Answer"
    "But why is the rum gone?"
    "Forget About World Peace – Visualize Using Your Turn Signal"
    "So many cats, so few recipes"

    Not saying that I would put those on my car (well, two I would…guess which ones?), but they did give me a chuckle when I read them. 🙂


  3. "You must be pro-Bush, as you keep looking at irrelevant things while being given a car to drive"
    "I don't focus on driving either, so we can start touching"
    "I don't worry about the war being justified or not. What I worry about is drivers like you looking at my car in certain spots"
    "This bumper sticker is here to show that you focus only on people's behind!"

    First 3 from Orange county, 4th one from LA.

  4. Interesting that you ask me that question. Ok:

    "I will vote for you because you not only invented the internet, but also came up with the idea of having fun while at work"
    "Not only did you invent the 'net in an office, you also created global warming in your home"
    "Kerry & Edwards; flip flopping the cute way" [this was on a hubcap on a hummer that glowed]

    1st and 2nd from Anaheim, Orange County. 3rd one in Oakland, Bay Area [next to San Francisco].

  5. You travel a lot Bes. 😛

    I thought of a cool religious one that could be a Christian driving. It would be a black heart with a slogan, "Get the hell out of here." Underneath would be, "Pick Jesus instead."

    Another Christian sticker could be, "I'm Christian and I'm not afraid to die. Take your chances!"

    I also like blinker ones, "Good thing your life doesn't depend on your use of a blinker. Oh, wait…"

  6. Two serious one's " Don't be fooled by the car, my treasure is in heaven" I like this cause I always have POS cars… Then my all time favorite bumper sticker slogan…. "Impeach Bush"

  7. Here's another one based off of a Relient K song called "Deathbed."

    If life is a highway, I am drunk at the wheel.

    Hopefully this isn't a real bumper sticker as cops might pull you over constantly. 🙂

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