Weekend Survey: You Can Meet Your Future Self

What if you could meet your future self? What would you do together? What would you talk about? What questions would you ask? What would you not want to know?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Survey: You Can Meet Your Future Self”

  1. me: Great to see you!
    Future: You too!

    me: Wow, aren't we looking much trimmer.
    Future: Yes, how do you feel about this?

    me: My thoughts on looking trimmer? Oh, I'm ever so thankful
    to God for answering this prayer.
    Future: Yes, you've been blessed.

    me: Thanks for showing me what I 'will' be soon
    thanks to God.
    future: Be blessed!

    … Walks away feeling blessed.

  2. If I could meet my future self, I would probably see if there were any areas I could improve upon physically. And I'd be able to talk to myself about blogging and web design… something hardly anybody else wants to talk to me about 🙂

  3. I love to talk blogging and web design, especially on ways to improve and a new template for my blog. I like the other parts, but not the header. And as a new blogger, you see all these little gadgets on everyone elses blogs and wonder if you need one too for your own blog. How do you know when you do or when you don't? LOL

  4. Grandma,

    I wrote about this quite a while ago (in October of 06) on Devlounge. I talk about adding features to websites. First find out what you would like to add and picture yourself using it yourself. A lot of the features I have added to my site have been requested by readers. Cetroyer had trouble keeping up with comments, so I added in the "Recent Activity" section (and subscribe to comments function). Others had trouble finding the recent posts (or related posts), so I added in those as well (in the footer).

    Best of luck with your blog. It would recommend asking what the readers want. One thing I dislike about blogspot is how difficult it is to comment. Luckily I have an account there already, but for other people, it's a probably a little out of the way.

    Take care,


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