Weekend Survey: You and Directions

You’ve just bought something from the store. As you open up the box, you notice some directions. What do you do?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Survey: You and Directions”

  1. Heh, way to leave the question open to a lot of assumptions. 🙂

    If this is an RCA cable with some pics on the back of the box, no, I won't read the directions. I am more than capable of plugging in RCA cables and matching up the pretty colors. 🙂

    If it is a product I haven't used before (or for a long while), say canned air, I'll read the instructions because I don't want to spray liquid on my CPU while blowing out the dust.

    If this is a product that comes with a user manual, yes, I will read it or at least browse through it to see how to set it up. After that, I'll look up specific functions that I need to tweak.

    Last thought: if the device in question isn't working properly, read the manual before taking it back to Best Buy (or wherever). It might be that the product has a certain process for setup. Maybe you overlooked the little button that says "Display" and blacks out the display on the DVD player and that is why "there is no display" (true story). You can save yourself some trouble if the unit isn't really broken. 🙂


  2. Well of course, we toss it to the side and get to the product! LOL

    And later… if we can't get it to work… call support and ask for help. ROFL

    Sound like something grandma would do? heheheh

    Hope ya had a great weekend… take good care!!!

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