Weekend Survey – Who Will Win American Idol?

Who deserves to win American Idol this year?

If you don’t watch American Idol, what programs do you watch instead? If you don’t watch any TV (such as me), what do you think of such “Idol hysteria”?

14 thoughts on “Weekend Survey – Who Will Win American Idol?”

  1. I'm not "hysterical" about this Idol show, but when there's nothing else to watch on TV, I'm glad that once in awhile I can be entertained by this show. Plus, I'm a music fan, but rather than watching all these no-talent pop-"singers", I'm relieved to see that there are still some people who can sing. Unfortunately, not many Idol contestants can sing.

    There's one clear winner this year – Melinda Doolittle, a young incarnation of Tina Turner, but with her own unique and powerful voice. If America doesn't recognize her talent and she's not this year's Idol, I vouch to never watch this show again. Whether or not she wins this year, I'll be definitely buying her first album release.

  2. I don't even watch network or cable television, so I couldn't see what the big deal was about Sanjaya or whatever his name is. I do like Kelly Clarkson though. 🙂

  3. American what? 🙂

    I saw a few episodes, but I don't follow the show. I don't usually have access to the channel it is shown on.

    I'm with you, Ronalfy. I don't watch TV much, so I don't have any shows I follow (although if I did, I'd watch CSI: Las Vegas, NCIS, House, to name a few).

    Idol hysteria? Well, I'd rather people watch American Idol than something like Jerry Springer. At least they are exposed to ability/talent with some level of standard applied.


  4. I am not a fan of Pop Idol / American Idol / All of the other similar style shows.

    What I have seen of it has all been bland, unoriginal, and when someone has had some talent they spend a lot of time copying the stars that do exist. I saw one person who's entire act was clearly based on Justin Timberlake without a single trace of irony.

    If it wasn't for television convincing people that they like this stuff these people would get nowhere.

    Having said that it is clearly not targeted at people like me, so I was never going to like it.

    What I do watch is House, CSI, and Bones, but my all time favourites are Inspector Morse, Life on Mars and Grand Designs.

  5. I have never watched American Idol before this season and it is Allright.. It's more fun to discuss it with family and friends the next day…. Jordin is going to win.. 17 years old and the girl can sing.. Granted most people suck.. but American Idol is worth watching Simon bash everyone if anything.. Dude is hilarious… Those people who like House should appreciate Simon

  6. Okay, is this confession time. 😉

    My husband and I are AI fans, and watch the show every week. Most of our family in other cities is into also, so we chat about it. We have missed a few shows and didn’t shed tears over it. After the season is over – that is pretty much it. We don’t keep up with any of their music careers or buy their CDs. This year we feel the group is not as good as they have been in previous years. I do like Carrie Underwood’s singing but haven’t bought her music.

    Our favorite for this year – Melinda Doolittle with Chris in second place. Chris isn’t as good as Melinda, but I’m placing him in second place because I like his unique style. Jordan is good, but I do not feel she is good enough to beat Melinda or Chris.

    Oh, and I do watch House sometimes. I was previously a fan of the show “ER” but as I said, we just don’t watch that much TV. Stacks of books are sitting around waiting for us. 😉

  7. My wife and her sister are huge American Idol fans, so by default I see some of it. I'm not a big fan, but I can appreciate the talent of the singers. I think Melinda Doolittle should win hands down. The other singers aren't bad. I've really liked Lakeesha and Jordin at times but no one is as consistently good as Melinda. I liked Phil Stacey as well, but he's gone now if I'm not mistaken.

    I try not to watch much TV myself, but when I do I enjoy 24 (it's becoming obvious this season that the writers are out of ideas), Battlestar Galactica (missed too many episodes, so waiting for DVDs), House (passable entertainment), Veronica Mars (guilty pleasure), Red Sox baseball games, and Alabama football games (required of males native to the state…well unless you're an Auburn fan). I also have far too many books waiting to be read. Take care,


  8. Doolittle's going to win, easy … she's a genuinely good singer. I also really enjoy her meekness and humility, which are rare on TV and in American culture these days.

  9. Jenn,
    Speaking of Melinda's humility…believe it or not, I've actually heard people (including folks I know personally as well as Simon) put her down for it! I find that disgusting. Honestly, isn't the world full enough of itself already without trying to convince a humble person that they should show more "confidence?" I guess I missed the point at which "confidence" (by which I mean conceit) became a virtue. Of course having confidence in yourself is, or can be, a good thing. But to my eyes, there is quite a bit of difference between real confidence and what mainstream culture expects of the term. Melinda obviously has confidence in herself, else she wouldn't get up there and perform like she does. She simply accepts the resulting praise with grace and humility. What's wrong with that? I think we could use a few celebrities who display such characteristics. Forgive the rant,


  10. Nathan,

    Forgiven 🙂

    I learned through my "leadership" classes that having too much something can turn it into a weakness. So having too much confidence might be considered by some as a weakness (ie, being arrogant). Being too humble might lead some to thank that you lack in confidence, which could be a weakness as well.

    I agree about Melinda though. I wouldn't have enough confidence to get up and sing and make a full out of myself.

  11. Ronald,
    Lesson from the workplace: Brimming with confidence when you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about is a weakness.

    I guess the whole "confidence" thing is a sore spot for me lately. I believe that being realistic and honest has value as well. For another example of misplaced confidence, watch the American Idol tryouts. Take care,


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