Weekend Survey: What is Easter?

What does Easter mean to you? If you celebrate it, in what ways do you do so?


  1. I went to my first passover Seder last night. Christ's death and resurrection mean a great deal more to me now. CBB

  2. After seeing Passion of the Christ, Easter has been a little easier to understand. I'm not one to get dressed up though or give people Easter baskets.

  3. Chocolate bunnies!

  4. It is a remembrance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  5. This may be a little cold-hearted, but my brother called and said, "Happy Easter."

    I somewhat exploded and said, "Would you say, Happy Thanksgiving before the day of thanksgiving?"

    He said, "No."

    I then asked, "Would you say Happy Birthday before someone's birthday?"

    He said, "No."

    I then asked, "Why would you say happy Easter before Easter then?"

    He then said, "Calm down Ronald. It's just Easter."

    Perhaps I have a twisted view of Easter, eh?


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