Weekend Survey – Trip to Mars?

You are selected for a trip to Mars at the last minute. What is your first thought?


  1. Darn! Didn't I win the ticket to Venus?! 🙄

  2. Better make my funeral arrangements

  3. The journey there always seems to go quickly. It's the journey back I'm not looking forward to.

  4. "Where is Mulder's and Scully's number…? They have to come with me!"

  5. Will I need my coat? I have a lot of stuff in my coat pockets that might not fit in my trouser pockets.

  6. I hope they don't make a movie about me and call it "Mission to Mars."

  7. Oh crap, do space ships have power outlets for my laptop?!

  8. How did you get this number??


  9. moooooo100,

    Yes, they do. But they don’t have free wireless. 🙁

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