Weekend Survey: Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

If you could only choose one, which series would you choose to watch? Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

Also, which movie is your favorite out of the two series?

14 thoughts on “Weekend Survey: Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?”

  1. Star Wars defintitely.

    I found the first LOTR reall engaging. I enjoyed it, was emotionally attached to the characters, and then it just ended.

    By the time the second one came out all the emotional attachment was gone. It was just a film about some 'people' walking from one place to another and frankly I could have done without it.

    The third was only slightly more engaging. The battle scenes are excellent in their construction but entirely pointless from an entertainment perspective.

    Now two of the Star Wars films are also awful, but at least they have a plot. No contest in my book.

    As for my favourite, that would be Star Wars IV.

  2. Definitely LOTR, extended version, of course. 🙂

    Why? Well, I have enjoyed reading LOTR several times, and watching the movies brings out some of that enjoyment. It is also bittersweet to see how the movies have butchered the books, though (granted, they were the best film-adaptation of a book I've seen to date).

    Star Wars? I read the book for Episode 1 and found it semi-entertaining. That doesn't nearly outweigh the abysmal acting in the first two, even three episodes. Much to painful to watch, unless it is as a Mystery Science Theater 3000. 🙂 The last three would be worth watching, but just from a "classic" standpoint.

    Bottom line: skip the movies, go read the book. That is where the plot is. 🙂


  3. Lord of the Rings

    Return of the King

    – Every year my family gets together and watches the trilogy on my folks big-screen downstairs over the weekend. It's a blast.

  4. I would also go for Lord of the Rings. My favorite one was 'Two Towers' simply because I was so disappointed with the adaptation of Return of the King.

    My favorite Star Wars flick — if I could only choose one — would be 'Return of the Jedi'.

  5. Interesting question. Action wise, I prefer the 3 Star Wars episodes that were released first [4,5,6] and LOTR. However, the latter 3 Star Wars are not bad either.

    Story Wise, I think Star Wars is better as it is all about Love. Darth Vader became psycho because of feeling cheated in love. He was mistaken [by a couple of million light years], but still, love! Compare that to a ring to rule them all, lol.

    Both are good, though the small bears in the Star Wars 6 are SO CUTE!

    I would love to watch all 9 on the big screen for sure!

  6. Grandma,

    I recommend watching the LOTR. I didn't understand them until I read the books though. However, after reading the books, I have concluded that watching the movies first is better. It's one of those Catch 22 situations.

  7. I'm a little late on this, but my vote is for LOTR. In fact, I liked them so much I would place them very highly on my Top 100 list if I ever felt the need to compile such a thing. I loved the books before the movie and was pleasantly surprised that the movies were done so well. My favorite of the three was The Two Towers. I felt that the emotional impact of the Battle of Helms Deep was incredible. Even though I knew the outcome, I still felt the despair of the characters. The part where they saddle up and charge out knowing they are going to die is truly inspiring. The magnificent charge led by Gandalf was very powerfully filmed. I liked Return of the King, but the battle, although on a larger scale, lacked just a tiny bit of the impact of Helms Deep. I never could help thinking that the ghost army was something of a cheat, even in the book. The LOTR trilogy is an amazing piece of film-making. I highly recommend it.

    All that isn't to say I dislike Star Wars. I liked all those movies. The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite Star Wars for sheer emotional punch. I liked all three of the new ones, but the acting left a lot to be desired. The last of those was the best, although it was much darker. Take care,


  8. Grandma, definitely watch the movies first if you haven't read the books. That way you can fully enjoy the movies on their own. The movies pale in comparison to the books, though. As they say, ignorance is bliss. 🙂

    I'd put "The Fellowship of the Ring" as my favorite, simply because it was the most accurate when compared to the book. Mainly because not a whole lot happened (ie, huge battles) in the first book. 🙂

    Nathan, I can never get past the elves at Helm's Deep in the movie. There were NO elves at Helm's Deep (besides Legolas, and maybe the two elves who rode with Aragorn). Not only that, but there was no need to put them in. Ruined it for me, right there. 🙁

    Still good flicks, though. 🙂


  9. cetroyer,
    I understand about the inaccuracies as compared to the books. These type of things usually bother me about movie adaptations, but not in this case. I have no good explanation for why. Maybe enough time had passed since I had last read the novels. In some cases I see the merit in changing the novel's plot to make for a better movie. Since they are two different mediums, what works for one doesn't always work for the other. I wish I could say I had thought about it that much with LOTR, but I didn't. I simply liked the movies, and I also love the novels.

    I love this movie talk. I suspect I could talk about movies all day. Take care,


  10. Definitely LOTR. I'd list it as my favorite movie ever (counting the 3 as 1). I saw it before reading the books, and I had to watch it a couple of times to grasp who everyone was and what was going on, but it was so worth it. I've received some great insight from the movies and then the books. I have yet to get tired of it.

    I also like Star Wars a lot, but it's behind LOTR, IMHO.

    I too don't understand why they had to change major plot points in LOTR. The story in the books is great as it is.

  11. 😥 there both one of my faves but lord of the rings so owns
    starwars is epic but theres always a time for change and i think lord of the rings is the one to handicap starwars

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