Weekend Survey – Infamy and the Muslim Religion

Does the Muslim religion deserve the reputation that it is getting due to all of the attempted and actual terror attacks on innocent civilians? Please explain your reasoning.

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  1. No, it doesn't deserve. Every barrel has a rotten apple(s). We can't judge the entire nation or religion based on few bad examples. The same thing can be said about Christians, or Catholics.
    Just think of all those Catholic priests molesting little boys, does that mean that ALL catholic priests are bad? Christians are bombing cities and villages in Iraq, killing innocent people. What does it say about Christianity?

    I think this is the biggest problem in our society – we're too subjective when we need to be more objective.

  2. Not at all. There is Islam and then there is perverted Islam that condones violence, intolerance, and senselessness. Historically, Islam has never been a force of evil. It was only after the Zionist movement settled in Israel that the actual "warfare" began.

    It's like the Westboro Baptist Church for Christianity. There's never going to be cohesion when you concern religion, because individual views are often too important to relinquish.

    And I already have my stereotyping article idea — on this subject too 🙂

  3. "Does the Muslim religion deserve the reputation that it is getting…"? Let's split a hair here for a moment. Islam isn't "getting" a reputation for killing infidels, it gave itself that reputation because that is what it teaches. In that case, it is really a moot point whether or not Islam "deserves" its reputation.

    Good point on not judging the whole by a few bad apples. To take that a step further, one needs to see if the "fanatics" (for lack of a better word) were going contrary to what their faith teaches or following a logical conclusion. The Crusades? They were following Old Testament thought, which was aimed at Israel, not Europe. They would not have found any justification for their efforts in the New Testament. Jihad? Well, in a religion that teaches conversion or death, the "fanatics" are just doing what their belief demands.

    So, yes, they deserve the reputation, simply because they gave it to themselves.


  4. Islam, as with all religions, is reflective of the society in which it is practised; therefore, it isn't Islam that is the problem, if indeed there is a problem, but the society who's views Islam is being used to enact.

    The Bible itself is commonly used, very selectively, to give justification to the opinions and actions of individuals or groups who would be unable to reasonably justify themselves in any other way.

    Their methods may be different but the zealots of all religions are ultimately the same.

  5. I think historically, no religion is exempt from being wrongly justified to satisfy mans' wants and pursuits. I do know that the Christian religion teaches to obey the laws of your country, but also to keep to the Christian faith. Sometimes it seems — in the case of Iraq for example — that people are keeping to their faith to the detriment of the country and others.

  6. True, a book can be used selectively to justify anything. There are plenty of cults scattered around that point to the reality of that fact.

    I’m not looking at using a religious text selectively, but as a whole. What does the Bible teach? “Love your enemy”. How about the Koran (Quran, take your pick)? “Convert of die”. One who kills in the name of Christ must use the Bible selectively to justify his/her actions. One who kills in the name of Mohammed is simply following what is laid out in the Koran, without having to pick out a bit here, a bit there. That is my point: Islam isn’t being twisted to justify jihad; it teaches jihad.

    On a side thought: I’d have to disagree with society choosing a religion. I would say that society is typically born out of religion.


  7. Let's see.. in the Koran the punishment for NOT converting to Islam is death. As in chop your head off at the soccer stadium at halftime.

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