Weekend Survey – Anyone See the Transformers?

I went and saw the Transformers this week and was very disappointed. Knowing that Michael Bay (the one who screwed up Pearl Harbor) was directing lowered my expectations quite a bit. In fact, I went into the movie thinking, “At least the special effects will be cool.”

Unfortunately, the clichés, bad acting, plot holes, and bad dialog couldn’t cover up the special effects, even on a first viewing. While watching the transformers on screen, I couldn’t help but be reminded of another robot movie called Small Soldiers.

I was just curious about what you thought of The Transformers. Did you like it? If you haven’t seen it, do you even want to see it? And do you like any of Michael Bay’s films?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Survey – Anyone See the Transformers?”

  1. Hello Ronald.

    I actually gave Transformers 5/5 stars. I was amazed. I too went in with low expectations – I didn’t need to.

    I thought the movie provided an experience that rarely occurs in a movie theater. I compared it to seeing one of the Star Wars episodes for the first time. Part of what made the movie so enjoyable for me was the environment at the RAVE. The theater (which had less than 10 empty seats) was giving off a vibe throughout the whole movie. People laughing. People cheering. People collectively gasping.

    I thought the movie itself could stand alone as a good movie. I didn’t notice any shortfalls except for a flimsy plot. But then again, we’re talking about a Japanese cartoon for kids and a movie that was intended to cover the Transformers story arc. I excused the story and understood it to to set up future films. I thought the acting was good (especially from Angelina Jolie’s dad). I thought CGI was so good I didn’t notice that it was good or bad.

    Then again, I don’t think this movie will win any major Oscars. But, for some reason I think I’ll watch it more than most Oscar winning movies that I own on DVD.

    I’m going back to see it again tonight and will have the HD-DVD on pre-order.

    Did you watch Transformers when you were younger? If not, I wonder if nostalgia has gotten the best of me.

  2. Eric,

    I used to watch the transformers cartoon and play with the toys. I do have a few things against Michael Bay, however.

    I didn't see the movie at the RAVE, although that would've been cool.

  3. I saw it opening night, and I have mixed feelings on it. As a stand-alone movie, it was good. But because I know the backstory of the Transformers from the cartoons and comics, I was disappointed. They should’ve developed the personality of the robots a lot more. There’s plenty of movies about aliens invading Earth and us having to fight them off. The original story is about a civil war between advanced robots that happened to land on Earth. And it’s the personality of the Transformers that made the cartoon special. Optimus Prime is a great, moral leader. Even many of the Decepticons had a lot of personality, like Megatron and Starscream. But in the movie, that’s sacrificed so we can learn way too much about Spike’s parents (which detracted from the movie, IMO) and how he likes a girl but is insecure. There’s plenty of other movies about that stuff.

    I expected as much before I saw it, after hearing interviews with Michael Bay, who changed a lot of things just because he wanted to. If he wants to rewrite the characters and the history of the franchise, he should write his own original movie and do it however he wants. But when you’re taking a very popular storyline of 20 years (that is still growing), there should be some responsibility to stay true to it, as much as possible. That’s my major gripes on it.

    Also, there didn’t need to be the cussing in it, nor did we need to hear that one discussion from Spike’s mom. I don’t want to hear that, and it’s going to keep some parents from letting their kids see it. And it added absolutely nothing to the main story.

    Overall, it was pretty good. I still enjoyed seeing it, but I’ll always wonder “what if”, because it could’ve been one of the best sci-fi movies ever, but it didn’t live up to its potential. Hopefully it’ll get better in the sequels.

  4. Beppo,

    From a parent’s standpoint (I am not a parent) I can definitely see why you wouldn’t want a child to watch the movie. The whole masturbation conversation between mother and son as well as the father giving his son a high-five when he finds he has a woman in his bedroom is just beyond disturbing.

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