Waves of Bitterness

A tranquil setting is severely interrupted by this horrendous storm that seems to sneak up from behind. Before the guy knows it, the waves have swallowed the shore and him along with it. He is drawn out into the ocean, with no chance for escape from the waves of bitterness.

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I sit upon this vibrant, golden shore.
The thunder crashes; lightning peeks its head.
A breeze once was, but blows now ever more.
Black clouds roll onwards, filling me with dread.
The sun is hidden from my very sight.
The ocean yearns to have me in its keep.
My words are silenced; darkness kills my might.
The waves grow fiercer, wanting me to sleep.
The shore recedes; I float, but struggle less.
My lungs cry out, exhaling all my air.
I sink, knowing my life hangs in distress.
The weight of darkness crushes my despair.
I fall beneath these waves into the deep.
The waves have won. I now go into sleep.

1 thought on “Waves of Bitterness”

  1. No matter the strength of the sea and height of its waves, or the darkness of it, I'm convinced there is a small island of refuge for us all. And sometimes a palm tree we must climb on that island that just barely brings us up high enough to keep the waves below our chin. And with water all around you, aren't you glad you don't have to find a bathroom to go pee? Just let loose right there, brother, the ocean is big enought to carry it away. I hope that whatever external or internal bitterness is lapping at your chin, you urinate right in its face. The ocean is bigger than just a few waves, and when we can step out of it and back away, it even looks quite pretty… everybody's pee and all.

    I like your style of poetry, Ronald. Its honest. I now defer to cetroyer for a real comment. Preferrably one that doesn't involve the secretion of urea, creatinine, and uric acid.

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