War With Another Planet. Will it be us Against Them?

One small observation I’ve made is that in a lot of science-fiction films, the Earth is typically united when we find that we are not alone in the universe or we are fighting for planetary survival.

Movies such as Independence Day, Armageddon, Deep Impact, and War of the Worlds assume that the Earth will unite when faced with a severe threat. Is this assumption accurate?

Let’s look at some historical examples to see if these assumptions have merit.

Historical Example – The Chinese Civil War

The Chinese Civil War in the 1900s lasted from 1927 to 1950. During that time, the Japanese invaded China. The two sides in China eventually agreed to unite to force the Japanese out of China. After the Japanese were defeated, the civil war resumed.

Another Historical Example – The American Revolution

During the American Revolution, thirteen colonies united and gained independence from the British Empire. Less than a century later, however, America was in a civil war.

A War Assumption

So say life was found on another planet, and this planet decided to invade the Earth. Will it be us against them? As much infighting that there is going on amongst nations, I think that certain countries will refuse to partake in the war against our oppressors. If we were able to communicate somehow with the aliens, I think certain countries would try to make deals or treaties to the detriment of other countries.

Is it fair to assume that a planetary invasion would involve our entire planet? Why not just invade Texas or something?

6 thoughts on “War With Another Planet. Will it be us Against Them?”

  1. So, if life was found on another planet, why would the planet invade? Wouldn't it be the other life? Or am I just being facetious? 😀

    Hypothetically speaking, I think it would depend quite a bit on the circumstances. If the aliens are a common threat, ala Independence Day, I think there is a fair chance the world would stick together to fight off the alien. That doesn’t say anything for what happens afterwards. Only a continual threat might keep a world-wide alliance alive.

    If we assumed that the aliens were a bit more crafty and communicated with people, I think they would just try to pit one nation against another. "Hey, we'll give you our technology of you attack Nation X." Something like that would not lead to much cooperation in the world. 🙂

    Of course, seeing as I think the odds of alien life existing are about as good as the odds of the simplest protein forming through chance, my statements are moot. 🙂


  2. What if planets could attack other planets? Would it be like dodgeball?

    I think you are being facetious cetroyer 🙂

    And this whole post is based on a theoretical hypothesis on a theory, so I suppose all statements on this are theoretically moot. 😛

  3. I think America would say that the other planet had weapons of mass destruction then go to war with that planet… Then the rest of our planet would hate us even more.

  4. and why is it that aliens always start their attacks and threaten Unites States, not some other country? 🙂
    Shouldn't Hollywood become more creative with these type of movies?

    I'm afraid that if life was found on another planet, people from Earth would start invading that planet and turn aliens into our slaves…

  5. inspirationbit,

    I have come up with two reasons why aliens start their attacks on the US (although in the movie Independence Day, everyone was attacked at the same time).

    1. Showing the United States appeals to American audiences.
    2. Showing the United States being attacked appeals to everyone else. 😛

    I agree with you on the slaves bit. Historically, your statement is entirely accurate.

  6. Reuben Davis(NewZealand)

    i didnt read all the comments above but, What if there is another planet out there and there world is about to end due to global warming or whatever and they are despritly looking for somewere to live……wouldent we do the same????

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