Wallowing in Friendship

This is a poem describing what it feels like to be surrounded by friendship, yet fearing the closeness because of past pain.

Exposed is my perception from the start…
These arrows harbor angst against my heart.
They threaten my entire world apart.

Defenseless, I erect these shields in place.
Protection from this hurt I fear outside,
These castle walls stand mighty, tall, and tried.
My soul, within this tower, I encase.

I open up my gates to those who may.
These trebuchets are where companions stay.
Release is but a finger-stroke away.

My eyes gaze downwards on their many flaws.
‘Tis my intention not to draw at all.
My greatest fear’s to see this tower fall.
‘Tis my wish that they storm these tower walls.

I venture downwards from my hiding spot.
The debt I have against them now is bought.
Reside within this castle, I cannot.

The freedom I can smell is what I yearn.
Outside these gates, to me, is the unknown —
But walk, I must, to leave this hollow throne.
The castle is no longer my concern.

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