Vain Celebrity Fair

A peeve about why celebrities can get away with so much and our obsession with celebrities in general.

Woman Being Harassed by Fans and Paparazzi

This article was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Culture/Relationships.

“You’re so vain. You probably think this song is about you”. Forget about all those rumours on who did Carly Simon actually dedicate this song to – Mick Jagger, Kris Kristofferson, Cat Stevens, Warren Beatty, William Donaldson or James Taylor. I think this song can be applied to every celebrity. There’s more vanity in Hollywood and the music world than in William Thackeray’s Vanity Fair.

What’s incredible here is how, despite everything, we can never get enough of celebrity gossips. A new profession was born only because of them – paparazzi. It’s interesting to note that the word “paparazzo” is credited to Frederico Fellini, who named one of the characters in his movie La Dolce Vita, a news photographer, Signore Paparazzo. Paparazzo in Italian means a very noisy mosquito. Fellini remembered a boy in his school days with a nickname “Paparazzo” because of his fast movements and later used it for his fictional character. Later on the celebrities, pestered by many photographers all at the same time, and the media, used the plural form of this word and called them all “paparazzi”.

Nowadays if you plaster a candid photo of a famous celebrity on a cover of a magazine, or a newspaper, it will be sold out in no time. The same way you can be sure that if you post some impromptu pictures of celebrities on your blog and write about them, or even use their names and compare blogging with “Owen WilsonÒ€ℒs pursed lips“, you’ll get more traffic than you could ever hoped for.

So why are we so obsessed with conceited celebrities? Looks like the more narcissistic and arrogant they are the more popular they get. Try searching Digg for “Paris Hilton”, you’ll be swamped with 400 pages in search results. Google outdoes it by returning 43,800,000 search results.

How can it be possible that after booing Britney Spears for lip-syncing at Florida concert last May, the outraged fans have demanded a refund of their tickets, worth $450? Can you believe that? What kind of people would pay so much to see a talentless singer/pathetic dancer and an aspiring alcoholic with two little kids doomed for a miserable existence? All I could say is – “you deserve it, you nincompoops”, next time I truly hope you’ll wake up and smell the real flowers, listen to some genuine music and pay to see gifted musicians.

How come that “California’s chronically crowded county jail system” didn’t cause judges to reduce the sentences of non-celebrity criminals, while Paris Hilton’s time was halved twice due to the same reason, plus for a phony “good behaviour”. Can it become more pathetic than that? Perhaps her sentence will be reduced further to 48 hours of house arrest because the cocky heiress’s claim that her life would be endangered by sharing the cell with other inmates who would ask her to perform live for another videotape, or by finally coming out as a mental case patient, and requiring a special treatment for nut cases like her?

Oh, c’mon, send her to jail and lock her up with Lindsay Lohan. Don’t forget to take away Lohan’s driver’s license once and for all – she’ll never learn how to drive anyway.

I sincerely hope that our culture is not damned forever and that my daughter will get a chance to listen to the truly gifted musicians and watch genuinely engaging actors when she grows up. Renaissance, please hurry up and save our future.

Vivien writes to us from the wonderful country of Canada. She writes us bit after bit of inspiration on her blog InspirationBit.

18 thoughts on “Vain Celebrity Fair”

  1. (Eee.. I did make a comment before, but I don't think it went through)

    The Paris thing has been mocked so badly on national TV here in Australia… the most recent thing I heard is that it's a "message from God" and she will improve her behaviours, and is even opening some sort of clinic or program? Who knows.

    Sometimes I think we need to give celebrities some slack, cause they are humans like all the rest of us… they are still made of blood and bones and have feelings. However, then some of them do incredibly stupid things, or do not accept punishment or consequences due to being celebrities… and that I think, is very foolish and what I wouldn't want my kids to see as a role model.

  2. The tragic thing is that Paris and other celebs like her think that they're untouchable, that they're above everyone and everything, including the Law and Common Sense.

    I doubt that Paris would really get the message and improve. People like her act all their lives because they don't know any better, they have no feelings except the narcissistic love for themselves.

  3. inspirationbit (Vivien),

    I truly hope Paris changes. I hope she comes off her arrogant horse. However, I bet she'll forget all about jail the minute she gets back to her comfy 4 bedroom (?) house.

  4. :about Paris Hilton having 17 dogs (or any celebrity)

    I doubt seriously that she has the time to take care of the needs of 17 pets, which means she pays someone to. These dogs are just novelties to her, something to entertain her. When she gets tired of them they will end up in a shelter. I love animals and I absolutley despise seeing Paris or Brittney wagging their poor little dogs around like they are a fashion accessory. Hell Brittney can’t even take care of her kids!

  5. I am afraid we have helped create these vanity stricken creatures by continually tuning in to hear the latest gossip or watch the latest stupid thing they do on youtube. In so many cases there is greater intelligence from a 5th grader than a a so called “celebrity” but I guess there is sport in watching them crash and burn! πŸ™‚

  6. It’s very interesting how the world likes to fixate their attention on celebraties. Kind of sad how much time some people take up looking at gossip sites.

  7. Yes, the focus on celebrities is very inappropriate. It comes back to the value structures inherent in social conditioning. People think that fame and influence are connected with value, when in fact they are not.

    I’m afraid if you want your daughter to experience truly gifted musicians, you are going to have to dig far into the past or through the mountains of noise offered throughout the past century.

  8. Celebrities are fashion icons. I believe strong family bonding and discipline will take your children out from bad attitudes seen on tv, social media and from their favorite celebrities. They give us entertainment and appreciate their talent but it not right to idolize them.

  9. By reading your article i can conclude with 1 thing that life and time just goes on whatever it may happen, so you also have to cope with it. I am amazed with your article and have bookmarked your site, i would like to see some more from your side. πŸ™‚

  10. pathetic dancer and an aspiring alcoholic with two little kids doomed for a miserable existence? ” this is the funniest thing i heard all day” very well written will by pass by every so often for new updated celebrity gossip πŸ™‚ keep up the talented writing

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