UPS – Don't Leave Stuff by My Door

It was only just a week and a half ago that I was basking in the glory of Austin, Texas. And during my stay in Austin, I ordered a package and had it sent to my dad’s place. Why, you ask? Well, let’s just say I didn’t want it delivered to my apartment and left on my door step for anyone to snatch.

My dad called me and said, “Ron, the package is on its way. I sent it so that it would be sent to your apartment office so they won’t leave it at your door.”

“Good.” I replied. And then I waited.

My dad calls again a few days later, “Ron, you should’ve received the package today. Did you get it?”

I looked at my watch, “That’s a negative dad. The UPS site says that the address was incorrect and that the delivery was re-scheduled.”

“Shit.” my dad said. “I left off your apartment address hoping it would be sent to your office.”

“Well, it says the address was corrected and that they will try to re-deliver it.”

“So what time will USP come by tomorrow?”

I thought about it for a second and said, “Dad, it’s Friday. UPS doesn’t deliver on Saturdays. So I guess it’ll have to wait until Monday.”

“Shit.” he said again, “Well, let me know when you’ve received it.”

So Monday came around and I looked up the tracking number on the UPS site. There was no change in status. I hunted around the Internet and found a support number.

“Your tracking number?” a lady asked in a strong New York accent.

I gave her my tracking number and asked about the status.

“Your package will be delivered today. There was a wrong address on the box.”

“Oh, okay. Well my dad didn’t include the full address because he wanted the package delivered to my apartment office instead of my door.”

The lady scoffed, “I can assure you that UPS doesn’t leave packages at doors. Especially at apartments.”

“Okay, but can you just leave a note for the driver to not leave it at the door?”

“Sure, I can do that.” the lady replied.

I hung up.

After work, I raced home to intercept the package. And there, neatly “hidden” under my welcome mat (at my door) was my package.

What was the contents of the package? Only “Adobe Creative Suite 3”. And to think that the same apartment was broken into only 3 months earlier.

Shame, shame UPS.

18 thoughts on “UPS – Don't Leave Stuff by My Door”

  1. Glad that high valued piece of software wasn’t stolen. I hate when they do stuff like that. I know when my grand mother ordered a package and it was shipped through UPs, the box looked like it had gone through a warzone and they left it out in the rain with no plastic sheet cover… Some serious WTF moments when using UPS.

  2. @Jeff,

    Me too. I would’ve cried 🙂

    Your grandma story reminds me of Ace Ventura. UPS has never impressed me. One time I ordered a slide scanner (back when I was into photography) that cost about $1200 dollars. They left that at the door too.

  3. Since when doesn’t UPS leave packages at the door? Our UPS carrier does it all the time. Heck, there are many times I hear him knock and before I can get from the Office at the rear of the house to the front door he’s already headed out the driveway. It’s like he throws the package down, knocks and starts running. Kind of like when we use to set paper bags full of dog poop on fire on peoples door step, ring the bell and run like the wind. At least that’s what I think of every time I open the door and he’s driving off!

  4. Miley Cyrus »

    I just had an encounter with a UPS truck and Van. I was going down a lane in a parking lot (one way only) and a UPS truck was facing one way while a UPS van was facing the other. They were talking to eachother and blocking my way. I was fuming.

  5. I hate that UPS does this too. How easy is it for things to get stolen from your font door? Especially expensive software. It would be nice if they brought it back the next day but it might bring the cost of delivery up a little.

  6. They are kind of in a hurry do you want them to try 5 days to deliver everything on their truck. I like when they leave stuff at the door.

  7. UPS or Fedex …..the same.Leave and run….they don’t care…..and stickyfingers feels something in the air 😀

  8. I used to run an online store and i have had false charge backs done on me because UPS lost or damaged or delivered it to the wrong person. they single handily shut down my store.

    and this is because you will not win a charge back case unless you have signature proof of delivery … an easy solution is to add a signature confirmation to all packages. … yea that would be easy but no one would order from me because everything just became $2 more expensive

  9. wow yeah right UPS always leave stuff at your door. Once UPS deliver man shoved my AMEX card under my door because he didn’t want to see me and that package required my signature. I had on-going battle with UPS about their lack of customer service and it ended with the woman from UPS center giving this type response:
    UPS lady: Okay that’s it
    me: okay so what —– (cut off here)
    UPS lady: MMMMkay that’s it!
    Me: but —
    UPS Lady: MMMMkay that’s it!

    UPS had deliver my package to my neighbor when I was home, destroyed a 200 printer, and even made it sound like it was my fault because where I lived.

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