It was only just a week and a half ago that I was basking in the glory of Austin, Texas. And during my stay in Austin, I ordered a package and had it sent to my dad’s place. Why, you ask? Well, let’s just say I didn’t want it delivered to my apartment and left on my door step for anyone to snatch.

My dad called me and said, “Ron, the package is on its way. I sent it so that it would be sent to your apartment office so they won’t leave it at your door.”

“Good.” I replied. And then I waited.

My dad calls again a few days later, “Ron, you should’ve received the package today. Did you get it?”

I looked at my watch, “That’s a negative dad. The UPS site says that the address was incorrect and that the delivery was re-scheduled.”

“Shit.” my dad said. “I left off your apartment address hoping it would be sent to your office.”

“Well, it says the address was corrected and that they will try to re-deliver it.”

“So what time will USP come by tomorrow?”

I thought about it for a second and said, “Dad, it’s Friday. UPS doesn’t deliver on Saturdays. So I guess it’ll have to wait until Monday.”

“Shit.” he said again, “Well, let me know when you’ve received it.”

So Monday came around and I looked up the tracking number on the UPS site. There was no change in status. I hunted around the Internet and found a support number.

“Your tracking number?” a lady asked in a strong New York accent.

I gave her my tracking number and asked about the status.

“Your package will be delivered today. There was a wrong address on the box.”

“Oh, okay. Well my dad didn’t include the full address because he wanted the package delivered to my apartment office instead of my door.”

The lady scoffed, “I can assure you that UPS doesn’t leave packages at doors. Especially at apartments.”

“Okay, but can you just leave a note for the driver to not leave it at the door?”

“Sure, I can do that.” the lady replied.

I hung up.

After work, I raced home to intercept the package. And there, neatly “hidden” under my welcome mat (at my door) was my package.

What was the contents of the package? Only “Adobe Creative Suite 3”. And to think that the same apartment was broken into only 3 months earlier.

Shame, shame UPS.