Uno and Friends Journey Update 17

Uno and Friends – More Tips & Tricks (Update 17)

Uno and Friends Update 17

Uno and Friends will be ceasing in-app purchases June 30th and will be discontinued July 30th. Feel free to vent your frustrations on my post The Decline of Uno and Friends.

Uno and Friends Update 17 has been out about a month. I am neither impressed nor wholly disappointed by it. Server disconnect issues seem the same, and while the problem with giving gifts to your friends from the leadership boards was fixed for a brief time by a patch released after Update 16, it is FUBAR again with this update. You are back to only seeing a small portion of your friends again under the “Friends” selection on leader boards. If you want to “gift” all your friends, you will need to do this under the “Social” button. [This issue has now been fixed.]

New Journeys

Tiki Twist Journey and Mine Journey each have 30 levels (the Update 16 Journeys only had 20 levels each).Tiki Twist Journey is easier to finish than the Arctic Journey despite having 10 additional levels. I unlocked the Mine Journey on the first try of level 90 of Tiki (the goal is to activate the companion 3 times in a tournament). It took me a little more than a week to win the crown by playing regular and special tournaments at least once daily. On the other hand, I have been stuck on level 111 in the Mine Journey for over three weeks. It is a tournament requiring that you play 5 red cards of the same value. Really, Gameloft, this is a totally ridiculous goal!!!! [I did finally get passed level 111 and won the Mine crown.] Both give the opportunity to win relatively useless avatars, useful boosts and companion crates. You also need to be advised the goals in the three prior Journeys have been changed. For instance, I used to play level 14 in Jungle for regular games, and now it is no longer a regular game. Level 91 (the first game in Mine Journey) is a suitable substitute.

Android Version is Better than iOS but Less than Perfect

It used to be that once you had a win streak somewhere over 100, you only paid coins to save it after a loss or if time expired. I have a win streak exceeding 2400 games and suddenly, I was having to pay 35 tokens to save it! I cut back sharply on playing regular games (which advance you on the leader boards) and played more tournaments instead.

I generally prefer to play on my iPad 2 since the screen is larger, but yesterday I played on my Samsung Galaxy S5, and after placing 3rd, I only had to pay 5000 coins to continue the win streak. I have nearly 4 million coins in comparison to 2500 tokens, so which mobile device do I choose now? My Android, of course! Plus I also have BlueStacks, a free Android emulator, on my Windows touch screen laptop. BlueStacks does have an iOS version, but it  has never been free. [This issue has been resolved by a subsequent update.]

Uno and Friends iOS Win Streak
Uno and Friends iOS Win Streak
Uno and Friends Android Win Streak
Uno and Friends Android Win Streak

Note that if you click “Continue Streak,” you will see an ad for another game. If you try to exit, the game may freeze. I think you have to download the game in order to avoid paying.If you are using BlueStacks on your computer and choose the “ad free” version ($24 per year with a one month free trial), this choice isn’t available. Downloading the advertised game app isn’t a big deal; you can immediately delete it, but it is a PITA (“pain in the ass”).

Another thing that makes the Android version better is the “gift” in game. With iOS, it opens somewhere near the gifts that cost the most (you have to scroll back to the more affordable ones), while the Android version opens at the lowest cost gifts or the “House” gifts if the player you wish to give a present to happens to be in the same house as you are. [This issue remains unresolved]

9 thoughts on “Uno and Friends – More Tips & Tricks (Update 17)”

  1. How can you win a uno game if you dont call uno, as requested on the uno journey number #135, I cant totally win that due to this reason. Any advice please send me a email with tips?

    1. Pauli Loeffler


      If the next player plays before someone challenges your Uno, no cards are drawn, so you could win the game with no cards in your hand. This is more likely to happen if you are in overtime when the player next in line has a payable card. Also, depending on your companion, you could draw a card which will discard the lowest valued card in your hand. For instance, this happens when I am using the Red Frog which I have at Ultimate Ability. Example: The card on the pile is a red 4, and I am holding a green 2 and a blue skip. The Special Power for the Red Frog is I get to play two cards on my turn when I play a skip, and the Red Frog’s Ultimate Ability is that if I draw a skip, my lowest value card is gone. I draw a red skip which is played automatically when drawn, the green 2 disappears from my hand, and I play the blue skip before anyone can challenge the Uno.

      Truthfully, when I played level 135, I came in 4th, but when I play Journey, I really care more about winning the game or winning the tournament rather than achieving the goal. I like getting the avatars and the crowns, and I do have these for all 5 Journeys, but I don’t let the goals get in the way of winning the games themselves.

  2. How do u increase club tickets??? My game is saying I need 13 more club tickets to reach club 2 & it has said this for 2 weeks & I play daily??? I purchased club 1 & it seems to b stuck? Plz help

    1. Nicole,

      If you buy a crate, tokens, etc., you get club tickets. You also get tickets when you do the daily log-in, but I think it is every other day. I started at Club 5, so I have no idea how many tickets it takes to get to a new Club level. if you can tell me (and others) how many tickets it takes to make Club 1, Club 2, etc., that would be really helpful, and I would include it in my next post about UNO whenever that is.

  3. Am I the only one who has trouble getting the app to open on iPhone. Keeps telling me to retry. Ive shut it down and even reinstalled a few times. Miraculously when i am not trying to fix it, it will work. Then it will give me issues again.

    1. Tee,

      It can take forever for the game to load on my iPad 2 whether I am connected to the internet or not, but then my iPad is 6 yrs old and is 3G. Just click the “retry” every 15-30 seconds and eventually the game will load.

  4. I have won several limited time tournaments like giraffe and lollipop but I do not get the ribbons on my shoulders like others or do you only see others on their avatar not on you own one. ?? Thanks

    1. Jayne,
      You will have to click your avatar in the left hand corner of the home screen and edited it to choose the rosette you want on the avatar.

  5. I’m so sad about the Gameloft decision of close the game. Your guide was helpful and I read it many times since I started with the game three years ago. I will miss a lot this game. Thanks for your help.

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