I went to Best Buy today to buy the new Fall Out Boy CD. So when I got home, and opened up the CD to import it into iTunes, a bright yellow card said I could download two “exclusive” songs from Fall Out Boy.

First Strike Best Buy

On the card, it said to go to www.falloutboy.islandrecords.com/bestbuy.

Unfortunately, the real address was falloutboy.islandrecords.com/bestbuy. C’mon Best Buy.

Second Strike Best Buy

When I downloaded the songs, they were in the protected WMA format. Um… I use iTunes. I can’t import protected WMAs into the most popular music player. So now I have to go into Windows Media Player to play the songs? I know the songs were free and everything, but you couldn’t pay me enough money to voluntarily open Windows Media Player to play music.

C’mon Best Buy!

Get the web address right, and give us some files that can be imported into any music player.

One Strike for Fall Out Boy

I personally think the Fall Out Boy CD should have come with an explicit lyrics sticker for their song “This Ain’t a Scene.” They use the phrase GD way too much. Granted, I don’t exactly expect Christian lyrics from a band like Fall Out Boy, but I don’t expect a band to disrespect a religion either.