Two Months

A writing about how God blessed me with the best two months of my life.

Incidentally, all life has a plan.
Lonely I felt, for I thought love was out of reach.
Outside I was all peach fuzz, but inside I was a pit.
Volatile emotions were not my nature, so I just kept them inside.
Everytime I looked in the mirror, I hated what I saw.
Years of sin against God made me ashamed to look anyone in the eye.
Outward bitterness grew to boiling until I just caved in.
Untying me from my sins, God allowed me to again live my life for him.
Sin still tempted me, but it no longer controlled me.
Angels seemed to come down, blessing the undeserving servant.
Rewarding the unworthy, God blessed me with the greatest gift I’ll ever know —
And she will never know how much she truly means to me.
Her future I hope is with me, for I want to share our life plans together.

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