Tweets – The "F" Bomb

I’m going to try something a little new here and periodically post my favorite out-of-context tweets from Twitter.

For this first one, here are a few tweets that tackle the infamous “F” bomb.

Will you please “F” me?

From @ironicsans
And now instead of saying ‘IM me’, with Facebook mail you’ll just tell people to ‘F me.’

I hate the “F” bomb

From @blogmum
For the record, I despise people who refer to “the f-bomb”. If you mean “don’t say fuck”, then fucking say “don’t say fuck”.

1 thought on “Tweets – The "F" Bomb”

  1. Whenever I read your post feel different meaning but it’s not different meaning but wrong way to reading. I like this blog post on ”F” Bomb and will back to read more stuff from Ronalfy.

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