To Blog, To Forum

If you are familiar with my site, you will quickly realize that I use a combination of web forums, and web logs. Now why do I have both? Good question.

Forums are beneficial for other people to add content to a web site. With forums, users can ask questions, start polls, and even have their own little section to run if they wish. With blogs, one person usually runs the show and the users just comment on what that person writes on.

With my forums, the Topic of the Week is run like a blog. Only three users are authorized to start a new topic (me, cetroyer, and saralfy), but any member is welcome to add their own reply / comment to that topic. The rest of my forums are fair game. Anybody who is a member can post their own topic and talk about anything they want. Well, almost anything.

I’m not sure what to do with my forums now that I have my main site as a blog. The forums are still beneficial since I can host my pictures on them. I also enjoy the Topic of the Week and the occasional new topic post by a member. Blogs are somewhat impersonal, and don’t really allow the blog owner to get to know his or her users very well. Hopefully I can learn to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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