The Withdrawing of Forces and Other Predictions for '07

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The year 2006 brought a great deal turmoil for the United States and its allies. The Republicans lost the House and the Senate, and Iraq is in turmoil. However, I don’t think all is lost for the U.S. and world affairs in 2007. Here are my predictions for what lies ahead for politics and world affairs in 2007.

The U.S. Cuts Back Forces Drastically in Iraq

Under increased political pressure from within, President Bush reluctantly orders a majority of the troops out of Iraq. A lot of the troops move to Kurdistan where the people there actually appreciate what the U.S. has done for them.

The “Green Zone”, or “International Zone” remains intact in Baghdad. Iraq will primarily be controlled by the Iraqi Army, with assistance from U.S. Special Forces. The civil war that people predicted doesn’t happen. Violence does escalate, but the Iraqis realize that the problems are not being caused by the U.S. presence. Iraqis join the Army in droves in order to protect their homeland from outside influences.

Hillary Clinton Will Announce Her Presidential Run

This prediction has come true as of January 20, 2007.

Mrs. Clinton has kept her intentions for running for President under wraps, but I predict she will let the cat out of the bag in 2007.

She will gain a huge backing from the Democrats, and will lead most polls.

Korea Has an ‘Accident’

Korea has already announced itself as a nuclear power. However, no nuclear country has been able to go without some nuclear mishaps. Korea will have an accident that will threaten the Demilitarized Zone and force the U.S. troops to withdraw temporarily. The U.S. starts enforcing the Demilitarized Zone from the air (which is very opposed by North Korea), but can’t stop the influx of thousands of North Korean refugees fleeing for freedom.

Israel Gives Iran an Ultimatum

Israel has been a quiet dog so far this year with the exception of the clash with Lebanon. Israel has a lot of bite for being such a small country, however. Iran will deliver to Israel what Israel interprets to be a “declaration of war.” Israel mobilizes and threatens Iran to back down from the statement or face “harsh” measures. The U.N. holds an emergency meeting to seek reconciliation between the two countries. Iran refuses to back down. We’ll have to wait until ’08 to figure out what happens next. 🙂

Martin Scorsese Wins an Oscar for ‘The Departed’

Okay, this last prediction has nothing to do with politics or world events, but who can resist making an Oscar prediction? He will win, and will win big. His only contender will be Clint Eastwood for “Letters from Iwo Jima.”


Thanks for reading my predictions for ’07. If any of them come true, be afraid… be very afraid.

20 thoughts on “The Withdrawing of Forces and Other Predictions for '07”

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  2. Wow, somebody's looking for controversy. If one of those predictions came true I'd be surprised. I thought my prediction regarding Cuba was risky 😉
    Interesting read nonetheless

  3. @John Wesley,

    I should have clarified my prediction. I predict Scorsese wins best director. Usually that has nothing to do with how good a film is. I personally found "The Departed" hilarious.


    I'm always on the look out for controversy. 🙂 However, I don't think my statements are that controversial. I've read worse. These are just predictions, and like you, I would be surprised if any of them came true.

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