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The Twelve Stages of Procrastination for Christmas

Christmas is just right around the corner. If you’re like me, you’ve probably procrastinated to the nth degree with regards to getting family and friends presents. Listed in this post are the twelve levels of procrastination that I’ve personally went through.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind (6 Months Out)

Oh the joy of Christmas in June. Retailers haven’t yet started putting their Christmas stuff out. In the back of my mind I know I should probably be saving for Christmas. However, Christmas — and all of the stuff associated with it — is nowhere to be found.

I’m thankful that ignorance is truly bliss. With nothing to remind me of the looming holiday, I don’t give Christmas a second thought.

Denial (5 Months Out)

It seems that right after the 4th of July, some major retailers start putting out small Christmas stuff. During this period, I am in disbelief that retailers would even have the nerve to throw Christmas in my face such a long period from the holiday.

Unfounded Rationalization (4 Months Out)

It’s August. School is about to start for everyone else. Back to school sales are what’s in the paper. Labor day is coming up. There’s plenty of time left to shop for Christmas. Why should I get something now? If I get something now, I’ll probably be wasting my money because I would change my mind before Christmas.

Halloween Anxiety (3 Months Out)

It’s late September. I know that Halloween is a little more than a month away. Retailers are stocked to the brim with Halloween merchandise. After the holiday, nothing will be in the way for retailers when it comes to putting out the Christmas goods.

I’m a little nervous because I know I should have at least saved something for Christmas. However, my unfounded rationalization is still present.

Giving Thanks (2 Months Out)

It’s late October. Thanksgiving is less than a month away. My concerns are on how to pay for the trip to see family. I haven’t saved anything for Christmas, so that means that I also haven’t saved for a Thanksgiving trip.

My fear is that the money I spend on a Thanksgiving trip will shed any funds that I may have for Christmas. I make up my mind to stay home for Christmas and spend the money saved from that trip on Christmas presents.

Financial Misgivings (1 Month Out)

Oh how my wallet is suffering from my recent Thanksgiving trip. I’ve also been talked into buying a plane ticket to visit my family for Christmas. I have several doctor’s appointments in December. Where is the money to buy presents? Blah humbug!

The Looming Sales (3 Weeks Out)

It seems that everywhere I go, there is some kind of Christmas sale. I don’t have any free money, and I have no idea what my family even wants. The anxiety is growing at this point. I have to at least get something.

The Holiday Traffic (2 Weeks Out)

The thought of going outside of my home is troubling. I don’t want to venture out into the traffic. A simple act of getting groceries is a two-hour adventure. I convince myself that I will buy all of my presents online.

Christmas Isn’t About Presents (1 Week Out)

Who needs Christmas presents anyways? Christmas isn’t about presents; Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. The fact that I’m visiting my family is a Christmas present in itself.

Not Knowing What People Want (4 Days Out)

How can I possibly get people presents when I don’t know what they want? It would be better to give them nothing than to give them something that they don’t want.

No Time to Ship (3 Days Out)

I have procrastinated again when it came to purchasing presents online. Now there is no possibility to get my presents to my family and friends in time. I have no choice but to venture out into the forbidden traffic jams. My nervous twitch begins to start.

At Least Get Something (1 Day Out)

I reluctantly venture out into the dreaded traffic. I spend the whole day getting random, useless gifts. I come home cranky and hating the Christmas holiday. I call the people that I bought presents for and explain that their gift will come late.

Bonus: I Will Do Better Next Year (1 Day After)

I promise myself that I will begin my Christmas shopping six months out. I will actually save for next year. I will do better next year.

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  1. You have some real good points..chrismas is about giving and religion, but some don’y really believe in christmas but really its good cause your giving a help at hand!

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