The Terrorist Was a Muslim

Recent current events have indicated bombings, terror plots, kidnappings, be-headings, and executions. Would it surprise you that most of the news nowadays depicts Muslims in a negative light?

Why is it so matter of fact that some of us in the U.S. (especially the media) give no second thought to equating terrorism to the Muslim religion? Instead of saying that the terrorists were Muslims, people should be saying that the terrorists were people, who just happened to be Muslim.

I’ll give a comparison. was raised Catholic. He terrorized when he bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995. Was his religion (or lack thereof) made public or even considered a factor? If someone were to say that McVeigh was a terrorist, would you automatically think he was Catholic? If you learned that McVeigh was a Catholic and a terrorist, would you say that just figures? Probably not.

So no matter what we do, we shouldn’t think of Muslims as terrorists, or terrorists as Muslims. Not only does it not make logical sense, it doesn’t necessarily cross over to the McVeigh example. Granted, McVeigh is just one man, and who knows what we would think if terrorists who just happened to be Catholics started planting IEDs on the sides of roads. However, the thinking of equating Muslims to terrorism and vice-versa is flawed.

Note: It was not my attempt by this post to offend any Catholic readers. Since McVeigh was raised Catholic, I used it as an example.

3 thoughts on “The Terrorist Was a Muslim”

  1. Methinks this was a forum topic, but I can't find it…so I'll just write again.

    I agree that there should not be an automatic association between "terrorist" and "Muslim". Terrorists come from many faiths and walks of life (or at least claim certain faiths and walks of life).

    I don't think that it is as much of a stretch as the terrorist != Catholic analogy. Catholicism is based on the Bible. No where in the Bible does God condone murder. The New Testament (OT was written to the Israelites), loving God and then loving man are the top two commandments. And no where is there a command to kill those who don't convert to Christianity.

    However, Islam is based on the Koran (Quran, pick which ever one works for you). Love is not the overriding priciple there. It does in fact command Muslims to convert or kill infidels. Terrorism (along with the jihad which can "spiritualize" terrorism) is a logical extension of killing infidels.

    It is more natural for a Muslim to be a terrorist than a Catholic. Or to put that a little more clearly, it is less unnatural for a Muslim to be a terrorist than for a Catholic.

    On the bottom line, terrorists are people, regardless of what faith they claim.


    I found my post and thought I'd throw it in…

    Good point. Regardless of religion, the true root of the problem is human nature. And every human comes packaged with that.

    However, Islam is more violent than Catholicism (to maintain the analogy). Islam has a "convert or die" approach, whereas Catholics don't (if they follow the Bible…unlike the Crusades and Inquisition). Because of that, terrorism is a much more logical extension of religious thought for Muslims. Human nature will always crop up, though; Take the Catholic/Protestant conflict in Northern Ireland.

  2. A muslim is as a muslim does. Non muslims are the enemy, they are taught that at birth! None can be trusted! They will kill you at first chance! I say take them out first!

  3. rwerw »

    I would like to agree with you, but it’s still fallacious to assume all Muslims are out to kill all non-Muslims. As a Christian, I have to believe that all have the opportunity to be saved by belief in the risen savior, Jesus Christ. If we take them out first, we are robbing ourselves of this opportunity.

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