Recent current events have indicated bombings, terror plots, kidnappings, be-headings, and executions. Would it surprise you that most of the news nowadays depicts Muslims in a negative light?

Why is it so matter of fact that some of us in the U.S. (especially the media) give no second thought to equating terrorism to the Muslim religion? Instead of saying that the terrorists were Muslims, people should be saying that the terrorists were people, who just happened to be Muslim.

I’ll give a comparison. was raised Catholic. He terrorized when he bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995. Was his religion (or lack thereof) made public or even considered a factor? If someone were to say that McVeigh was a terrorist, would you automatically think he was Catholic? If you learned that McVeigh was a Catholic and a terrorist, would you say that just figures? Probably not.

So no matter what we do, we shouldn’t think of Muslims as terrorists, or terrorists as Muslims. Not only does it not make logical sense, it doesn’t necessarily cross over to the McVeigh example. Granted, McVeigh is just one man, and who knows what we would think if terrorists who just happened to be Catholics started planting IEDs on the sides of roads. However, the thinking of equating Muslims to terrorism and vice-versa is flawed.

Note: It was not my attempt by this post to offend any Catholic readers. Since McVeigh was raised Catholic, I used it as an example.