The Smart-Ass Genie

I had just arrived for church and I sat down next to one of my “married” and “wiser” lady friends.

Somehow the subject turned to what I wanted to be when I grow up.

“Well, one thing’s for sure…” I quipped referencing her and her husband, “I definitely don’t want to be older like y’all”

Not missing a beat, she pointed at my nose and said, “Poof! You’re dead.”

I must have stared blankly for a few seconds because she broke out in laughter.

“You got what you wanted.” she smirked.

“Yup.” I said, starting to laugh. “You would’ve made a great genie.”

And of course, with the lady being “wiser”, she added some non-joking advice: “Just be glad God doesn’t grant your every wish. We’re not always smart enough to see the consequences of our desires fully through.”

Oh, and for my readers that hate political correctness: married=off limits;wiser=older than dirt (okay, slightly kidding here).

6 thoughts on “The Smart-Ass Genie”

  1. Being “older and wiser” or just “old” according to my youngest 26 year old Son, I believe I can safely say that older does not necessarily make us wiser.

    It does make most of us arrogant, unyielding and very opinionated but hey, we disserve it from the crap we went through raising our kids.

    Your new found ‘friends’ understand more about you after a 1 minute observation than you give them credit for.

  2. I can’t agree more!

    I used to work with a Program Manager who was always reminiscing about the Civil War. He really believed he was born in the wrong era and would voice his wishes. So, one day I walked into his office and he was a little more outspoken than usual and I stated “So, you wish you were dead?”

    He returned with “What do you mean by that comment?”

    And I responded with “Remember your Appendix surgery 4 months ago? Back in the mid-1800’s, people died painful deaths from appendicitis. So, you wish you were dead?”

    He shut-up after that round.

  3. The appendix is a good one. Actually our middle class lives provide probably a quality of living our ancestors would have envied. Anyway… bout the wise lady: I’d have though she’d slap you for telling in a way, she’s old. She’s very clever.

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