I wrote about how six Imams were kicked off of a plane because of their prayers beforehand in the airport terminal. I asked the question, “Is Praying at an Airport Inappropriate Behavior?” From the article I read from Fox News, the six Imams were doing a lot more than praying.

Three of the Imams had one-way tickets, most of the six requested seatbelt extensions (typically used by obese people), the six didn’t sit in their assigned seats, and some of the six were heard chanting anti-American propaganda. On top of praying in the airport terminal, the additional behaviors raised enough suspicion to remove the six individuals from the U.S. Airways flight.

I hate to state the obvious, but nobody at an airport wants to be next in line for a suicide mission. The behavior of the six Imams was very unacceptable, especially in a country that so vividly remembers what happened on September 11th. On an airplane with many other people, that last thing a person should do is draw attention to himself. It makes the other passengers uncomfortable, and decreases the perception of safety of the airline.