The Safety of School Buses is Called Into Question

My mother messaged me yesterday asking if I had heard about the bus crash in Huntsville. How could I not know? I had four global e-mail sent to me, and my co-workers had Fox News (via IPTV) blasting from their computer speakers. When my co-worker initially told me about the accident, I assumed that a crash of that magnitude would make national news. I was right.

Tragically (at the time of this writing), four students are dead as a result of the crash. As tragic as the accident is, some people in the news can’t help but take the focus away from the grieving families and start pointing fingers. Some are pointing fingers at the bus driver, another vehicle, or even the safety of the actual buses.

I’ve heard several journalists declare that buses are “unfit” for transporting children. Others defend the safety of buses and state that seat belts would actually make buses more dangerous.

Any bus that can plow through a concrete barrier (probably going above fifty miles per hour), fall thirty feet, crash nose-first into the ground, and actually have anybody living to tell about it is probably a testament to the buses’ safety. Unfortunately, four students are tragically dead. However, it could have been much, much worse. And think of how the evacuation efforts that would have been hindered if every single student on that bus had a seat belt on.

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