The Russian

“But the death penalty isn’t even in effect anymore!” she screamed.

She was right. This was good ol’ Cali-forn-i-a.

“It was in 2014. Putting prisoners to death is against the law there.”

“Exactly!” I screamed back. “He’s been sitting there for a good ten years, tops. He’ll be grumpy and ready to talk.”

“Who are you after?” Julie demanded.

“Alexei Ivanov is the man I’m after. Been there for ten years for homicide.”

“Explain — why him?”

“He was the top assassin for-hire throughout Europe and managed to be caught by a freakin’ red light camera here in California.”

“What exactly was he busted for?”

“He shot a man in his head while driving parallel with him, then ran the light and ended up on CNN.”

“Wow, so he executed a guy, but was caught by a red light camera.”

“Yes, that is the system we are using nowadays, is it not?”

“So why him?” Julie pressed.

“Because he’s good at what he does. We have a person on the inside. Talkin’ warden level. And he can help us fabricate torture templates.”

“A torture template being, the client isn’t aware of one.”

“Precisely. We need the Russian.”

“Okay, well you have my blessing. Go forth and bring back the fruit.”

“Thank you.” he said trying to hold in his enthusiasm. 

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