The Recent Terrorist Attack

Posted by Tom Hargrave

I’ve been following the recent terrorist attack and the slow, lethargic response our Government has given really has me scared.

Here are some points I want to make.

The President refused to cut his vacation short to respond to the attack. Really? To the rest of the world this is a show of a lack of strength and backbone. At a minimum he should have held a press conference condemning the perpetrators for their action before returning to the beach!!!

And today’s statement from the President is that the cause for this attach is that our internal systems failed???? Sure, they failed but what kind of message is he delivering to the world? Again, a strong message should have been delivered to the world condemning what happened. Instead, we internalize and blame ourselves for letting this one get through???

We need to have an offensive posture, not a defensive posture towards terrorism. Look at it this way – if we stay defensive then we have to be on top of everything 100% of the time which impossible to maintain in the long term. Why? Because we can’t watch everyone and every scenario all the time. We are always in reaction mode as they come up with more creative ways to hurt us.

They only need to get through once, just once, to do grave damage to this country. The terrorist failed to ignite the bomb he was wearing in his underwear and this is the only reason the last attack did not end in a flaming jet liner crashing in the middle of Detroit. We won’t be so lucky next time.

8 thoughts on “The Recent Terrorist Attack”

  1. I personally think (in this case) that the blame game should be put aside.

    Yes, there were intelligence and communication failures. But making the head of Homeland Security resign won’t fix it.

    And as you stated, where is the condemnation of terrorism?

    Obama is a pushover. I wish we had Bush back. We’d probably still have a crappy economy, but at least we wouldn’t have the healthcare reform and we’d have a President with a backbone.

  2. The problem with the war on terror is that no one is prepared to declare what it is that the war is really against.

    Until everyone is willing to openly state that we / they object to the cause of terrorism instead of blindly stating the obvious, that they don’t like terrorism, then the whole effort is akin to bailing out a boat with a hole, instead of fixing the boat itself.

    I don’t see this happening any time soon as admiting the real issue would mean undermining the way of life for a sizable section of our own countries and communities.

  3. The real issue, and this has been proven over and over again, is that they are at war with us. And because they are at war with us we can’t just “take our ball and go home” like so many in this country wish. In other words, not playing the game just leaves us open to attack.

    And not responding to these threats in kind is just a version of “not playing the game”.

  4. Seriously, quit watching fox news and open your eyes. What solutions do republicans bring to health care? What solutions do republicans bring to counter terrorism, you forget 911 happened under a republican president. The problem is too many people want to play politics and don’t want to bring solutions. Obama was elected on the sole premise of hope. I am neither republican or democrat, however, from an observer’s stand point; republicans point figures and are quick to point blame but bring no solutions. Quit playing politics and bring solutions. Either party!

    1. What do the Republicans bring to healthcare? Nothing. And what do the Democrats bring to healthcare? Much worse – their “something” is just about to bring a private industry under Government control. They are about to legislate a semi-effective heathcare system into a Government run system. And can you point to even one effective, efficiently Government run system? I can’t. So, this is one good example of “doing something” is worse than “doing nothing”.

      Also, 911 happened under the Bush administration but the wheels were put in place & the motion started under the Clinton Administration. And in fairness to “the annointed one”, the current attack was probably planned and stared under the Bush adminsitration.

      But I don’t care about when either attack was planned and started. My concern is about our Government’s lame response to the current attack. Instead of pushing back hard at terrorism, we are internalizing the issue. What message is this sending to the bad guys?

  5. Me, I love peace and hate any form of violence but with terrorism I believe that the government that they should act swift, fast and firm. Acting softly with them will just not work.

  6. The health care reform is not enacting government run health care. Quit listening to rush limbaugh and sean hannity. It creates unwanted competition by the money hungry healht care industry that want to enact fear so they can continue raping us for health care costs.

    You can second guess Obama and criticize him for not taking a stronger stance. I totally can relate to that. However, The comments Ronald made about wanting Bush back just made me respond. Seriously that is retarded to want Bush back.

    I see both sides and try to pick my battles. I don’t like republicans or democrats because they both play party politics. I don’t like that and I think if Republicans want to get back in the swing of things they need to present solutions and stay away from negative politics. It ain’t working and the democrats will only continue to control this country because they are seen as a more “positive” and less divisive party. Just my two cents, doesn’t mean much!

    1. A pure conservative or a pure liberal stance is not good for our country. And that’s why I complain so much about “the anointed one” – I believe we have swung way too far to the liberal side.

      Actually, politics swings back and forth like a pendulum and with the current regime, we have swung far left. Now enough voters have seen what liberalism is really about and they will vote more conservative, swinging the political pendulum over to the right. This will result on more conservative elections and many of these will be Republicans.

      I am a conservative and I am a Republican and with today’s politics the two don’t necessarily mean the same. But being a conservative I am strongly against larger Government. Call the healthcare bill anything you’d like but at the end of the day it amounts to the Government seizing control of a huge section of our economy and this can’t be good!

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