The Pedophile's Clothing Line of Choice – The Emily Grace Collection

Young Girl Prostitute with Pedophile

It is quite obvious now at this point that Billy Ray Cyrus has been prostituting his daughters (Miley and Noah Cyrus) for some time now.

After his career nose dived, he was lucky enough to have (somewhat) talented daughters to keep his name (and his pockets) alive.

Billy’s parenting ability has been debated up and down over the years, especially after Miley’s (almost) topless pose for Vanity Fair and her questionable pose with her own daddy (making Billy look like a pedophile in bliss).

In the latest twist, Billy’s nine (that’s 9!) year old daughter Noah has helped conceptualize a clothing line that would make girls more than twice her age blush.

The clothing line will be released as the Emily Grace Collection by both Noah Cyrus and Emily Reaves, and it will cater to trendy, edgier clothing that will adhere to little girls and teens. Clothes can be paired with ballerina slippers (aw, how cute) to lace stockings and boots (whoa!).

It’s not too much of a stretch to say that Billy Ray Cyrus is embracing the first pedophile’s clothing line of choice.

Cheers to you Billy! Without your daughters and all their imitators, there wouldn’t be such an underage selection of scantly clad beauties for all to look at!

13 thoughts on “The Pedophile's Clothing Line of Choice – The Emily Grace Collection”

  1. Every time I walk into the local Wally World I’m greeted with a full size poster of Miley Cyrus in what I would consider very provocative dress. I understand that the poster is there to push her latest line of cloths and I believe that Billy and daughters are doing nothing more than capitalizing on her success as Hannah Montana and on the latest teen trends. Girls are dressing more “gown up” at an ever younger age than before. Even a friend’s daughter, who is only 8, has commented on her dress and how she would like to own some of her clothes. But the trend has been going on for a while now – we were even moving in this direction when my kids were in high school 12 – 15 years ago.
    But, do I approve of the trend? No more than I approve of the latest sexting craze the same generation is involved in. I do believe that the two are linked but not necessarily that one is the result of the other. I believe that the two are a result of our underlying moral values shifting. I can make one observation for sure. Our morality and attitude towards sex is moving more towards the way Europe was when I was a kid in Germany in the early 70s. They were and I assume still are more open about their sexuality than we were in the 70s but they weren’t “fornicating in the streets”, like I heard one TV evangelist say we were heading to not long ago.
    So, for me “the jury’s still out”. I’ll continue shopping at Wally World when I want to do some commodity shopping and I’ll continue to be annoyed by the Miley Cyrus poster until they take it down. And my friend’s daughter will probably convince her parents to buy some of her clothing line and I’ll probably comment “how nice” because it’s the politically correct thing to do.

  2. Thank you for posting this and making people aware. Billy Ray is pimping out his daughters and there should be a public outcry about this. Too many stupid parents will buy their stupid clothes. There should be an embargo placed on the Emily Grace Collection and the Oohlalacouture website is a pedophile’s dream. Parents STOP THINK and protect your little girl’s from this commercial crap, it is not ‘Trendy, sweet, yet edgy feel’ it is kiddie porn. Billy Ray should be visited by Child protection services

    1. I agree that the trend in little girls clothing is definitely going the wrong way but I’d stop short of saying that Billy Ray is pimping out his daughters. I believe they are just taking advantage of the current trends.

  3. Casey Lee Anderson

    Boys and girls are growing up a lot faster these days, and Y’all need to learn and accept that. Even we all see other girls dressing like slut in rural areas and to most people why are you bring down on that, I BET THAT IF YOU WERE IN BILLY’S POSITION, THAT’S WHAT YOU WOULD DO. I HATE PEOPLE TALKING LIKE THAT TO BRING PEOPLE DOWN AND JUST BETWEEN ME AND Y’ALL, I AM HOPING BILLY RAY CYRUS FINDS OUT ABOUT THIS WEBSITE AND I HOPE HE WILL SUE YOU FOR DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER.

  4. I too agree that Miley Cyrus is a very good singer indeed. I understand that the poster is there to push her latest line of cloths and I believe that Billy and daughters are doing nothing more than capitalizing on her success as Hannah Montana and on the latest teen trends.

  5. You know its not the kids fault its the parents fault too. They are the ones that buy these outfits and let them dress this way. So we all should be going after the parents and smacking the crap outta them for buying there clothes. No kid should dress like that(like a twenty something or an adult does).

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