Young Girl Prostitute with Pedophile

It is quite obvious now at this point that Billy Ray Cyrus has been prostituting his daughters (Miley and Noah Cyrus) for some time now.

After his career nose dived, he was lucky enough to have (somewhat) talented daughters to keep his name (and his pockets) alive.

Billy’s parenting ability has been debated up and down over the years, especially after Miley’s (almost) topless pose for Vanity Fair and her questionable pose with her own daddy (making Billy look like a pedophile in bliss).

In the latest twist, Billy’s nine (that’s 9!) year old daughter Noah has helped conceptualize a clothing line that would make girls more than twice her age blush.

The clothing line will be released as the Emily Grace Collection by both Noah Cyrus and Emily Reaves, and it will cater to trendy, edgier clothing that will adhere to little girls and teens. Clothes can be paired with ballerina slippers (aw, how cute) to lace stockings and boots (whoa!).

It’s not too much of a stretch to say that Billy Ray Cyrus is embracing the first pedophile’s clothing line of choice.

Cheers to you Billy! Without your daughters and all their imitators, there wouldn’t be such an underage selection of scantly clad beauties for all to look at!