The Number 8th Ronald?

I was randomly searching Google Webmaster Tools and noticed that one of the number one keywords for people entering this site was “Ronald”.

I looked into it, opened up Google, and simply typed in “ronald“. And this website shows up in the 8th result. How the heck did that happen?

So much for trying to keep my name out of the search engines 🙂

I show up just behind Ronald McDonald and Ronald Reagan. For some reason Google thinks I’m important.


8 thoughts on “The Number 8th Ronald?”

  1. You made Google’s Top 10? Sweet! What’s next, Moonvertising? (heh, coincidentally another Ron is the mastermind behind this idea —

    Can you imagine bloggers sitting around a coffee table bragging about whether they made Google, and what number they are 🙂 Not you of course, you do that on your blog (j/k). In other news, hope to PCS back home at the end of April; we’ll have to get together and catch up sometime–howsabout Rosie’s treated by me/my better half?

  2. It must be official, Ron. You are a webleb. No, don’t deny it, you are. 🙂

    And yes, I have dibs on making the word “webleb”. 😉


  3. I could tell you why, but that secret i keep it for my self 🙂 I am no.1-10 on google for many keywords 🙂 found a cute trick but does not work every time. Currently I am trying to do “make money online” to be no.1-10 on google page for my other blog.

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