The "No Spin Zone"

“It’s coming tomorrow!” my dad told me enthusiastically.

“I know. You won’t shut up about it.” I replied.

Now what could my dad be so enthusiastic about? Why, his “No Spin Zone” mat, of course.

Caution, You are entering a no spin zone

He purchased it at the Bill O’Reilly store.

Needless to say, my dad is a big fan of FoxNews and Bill O’Reilly.

9 thoughts on “The "No Spin Zone"”

  1. You may call him a right wing “whatever”, but consider the fact that our Government has taken majority control of the banking industry, two of the three American car companies and is trying to take control of the insurance industry.

    And almost half of the cost savings for healthcare is going to come from reducing Medicare fraud? If reducing Medicare fraud will be so easy then why haven’t they done it before now? They could have just reduced Medicare fraud and used the savings to buy health insurance for the 12 million people who want & can’t afford it!

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