The Measure of a True Patriot

Imagine just for a second that you were in a place where you just witnessed two of your colleagues killed. You were seriously wounded and were on the verge of getting out of the Army that many liberals claim is only there to send you off to a war nobody supports.

I just learned that Specialist Christopher Hoyt re-enlisted for four more years, only hours after being a victim of an IED attack where two of his friends were killed.

This man, injured from his wounds and confined to a bed, again swore the oath to rid the United States of all enemies foreign and domestic. According to him, the job wasn’t yet finished.

I can’t relate to the character of a person who would choose to re-enter the fire even as his fellow colleagues have been struck down, but I’d like to sit down with a person like this and pick his brain.

What the hell was he thinking? Whatever it is, he’s a true patriot and someone this whole country should look up to as a role model.

1 thought on “The Measure of a True Patriot”

  1. well thats easy.
    oftentimes people who go through trauma, feel they had no reason to live through it.
    what else does he have to live for, he may think.
    guilt – why him that lived?
    in some ways this could be an easy way out. a chance to ignore pain, psychological and otherwise. because in the fog of war you dont have time to feel. and also a possible death wish.

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