The Luck of the Pillow

Yesterday I attended my first Super Bowl party in several years.

When I was in college I never watched the Super Bowl because I was always working that Sunday. Or I had church that evening.

And while out of college, I never really watched TV. I didn’t (and still don’t) have basic cable. And I was too lazy to get an antenna and see if I could pick up local channels.

So at my friend’s house, someone asked me, “Who are you going for?”

“Nobody in particular.” I responded.

“Oh, you have to go for someone. Pick one.”

I looked around and spotted a small pillow.

“Okay… I’ll spin this sucker in the air. If it lands on black, I’ll go for New York.”

I threw the pillow up and it spun several times. It landed black facing up. So I was going for New York and there was no turning back.

For me, football is no big deal. I could never get into football while I was in high school (and I lived in a very small town). I also couldn’t find myself enjoying college football either. The sport just wasn’t for me.

But when the Giants scored the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter, I was screaming with and high-fiving all the other Giants fans in the room.

And it was all thanks to the luck of the pillow for telling me which team to root for.


  1. The Patriots really choked on that one… their D had so many chances at the end… I guess it was meant to be for the Giants. Maybe the New England fans will finally shut up for a while.

  2. @Jason,

    One of my friends watching with me (a big Patriots fan) kept saying, “Just wait… they’ll score three touchdowns in just a few minutes.”

  3. Same thing happened with me. Although I like football I don’t care for the Patriots or the Giants and didn’t really care who won the game. I chose the Giants as I was tired of the Patriots winning streak and sure enough, in the 4th quarter, I was a Giants cheerleader! 😯

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