The Highway of Legends

I decided to visit my mom in Trinidad, Colorado, so I made the road trip from Austin, Texas (about a 12 hour drive).

For anybody that has made the drive through north Texas, you have my sympathies. It’s a boring ass drive. Luckily I had my music and several containers of 5-hour Energy.

My mother lives near Trinidad, Colorado in a place called Weston.

Weston was a nice escape. I had no Internet access. No cell service. I was literally in the wilderness.

Near Weston is a very lovely place called Cuchara, Colorado. Here are some pictures I took of the scenery.

20101126_Highway of Legends_1372.jpg
Deer near Cuchara

20101126_Highway of Legends_1350.jpg
Monument Lake near Cuchara

20101126_Highway of Legends_1349.jpg
North Lake near Cuchara

20101126_Highway of Legends_1356.jpg
Near Cuchara Colorado

20101126_Highway of Legends_1360.jpg
Near Cuchara Colorado

You may view the rest of the pictures on my Flickr account.

Overall, the trip was very nice. While I wouldn’t wish a 12-hour drive on anybody (as it’s quite physically and mentally draining), it was worth seeing my mom’s side of the family again.

9 thoughts on “The Highway of Legends”

  1. Nice pictures Ron. Like your use of color, and I really like the North Lake photos. I never thought of it as a picturesque lake, but your POV made it look like it was on the end of the earth.

  2. Awww very nice place! Away from the traffic, the buzz of technology and pollution. It isn’t always that people get to see places like these. Most of the time we are stuck in the city our entire lives. 🙂

  3. wow very nice pictures, they remind me of the time I used to live in Newtown, CT. I always deers in the spring and summer time.

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