I was at my neighborhood grocery store just routinely shopping when I decided I wanted some bananas.

As I approached the produce section, I could see the jewels from afar.

“Wow, those look green!” I thought to myself.

I love buying green bananas because then I can keep them for a while and I’m not forced to eat them fast before they spoil.

I was amazed at my luck. The last time I had bought bananas, they were already too ripe.

But upon closer examination, the bananas weren’t as green as I thought. Surely my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me!

I looked up, and I could see two green lights shining brilliantly upon the bananas.

Now I’m not one to berate marketers, but this is just outright trickery. And it makes me wonder how long I’ve been buying bananas without noticing.

So next time your shopping, keep a look out for the marketing trickery. I’m almost positive there is a “red light” shining on some tomatoes out there.