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The Door Closes

“Nobody ever gets married expecting to divorce.”

“Unless you’re Britney Spears.” I replied with a smile trying to break the awkwardness.

“The papers are in the car.” She said looking at me, trying to form a smile.

A few moments later, she returned, opening my apartment door for the last time.

“Everything should be there.” She said handing them over to me.

I opened up the manila folder and confirmed what she had told me.

Not really knowing what to say, I extended my hand and said, “Have a safe trip back.”

She grabbed my hand, but the handshake turned into a farewell hug that both of us didn’t want to end. But it did.

She walked out the door, the papers still in my hand.

The door closed. The car engine started up. And she was gone.

Writer and software engineer Ronald Huereca has been a developer at notable agencies like iThemes and 10up. His varied background has him working with WordPress since 2006, eventually creating his own plugin which, of course, lead to more. He spends quite a bit of his time volunteering with the WordPress project as a core and polyglot contributor. With all of his passions, writing has been the way Ronald expresses himself best. He has written both technical books as well as fiction. Some of his works include Project Mayhem, Mindefusement, and WordPress and Ajax. โ€œYou can only delay the inevitableโ€ is his favorite quote. Ronald enjoys reading Stephen King and John Grisham. When heโ€™s not writing, Ronald dreams of building websites filled with cats yawning, disclaimers his strong opinions, sings karaoke, and advocates for empathy surrounding mental health.

15 thoughts on “The Door Closes”

  1. Ronald,
    That’s terrible, man. I’m so sorry. If you need anything, you let me know. I know that kind of sentiment is terribly inadequate. Take care,


  2. Cetroyer,

    Don’t be so down. I just wanted to get out in ten lines what has been going on in my life for about a year now. I’ve hardly written about it here, so this is a nice “fill in the blank” for those who aren’t up to speed on my dealings.

  3. of course it sucks, Ronald… ๐Ÿ™

    but… at least you’re so emotionally wired now, that can write up some amazing works of fiction. So my advice to you, don’t waste that charge of emotions in you and apply your talent to that.

  4. I subscribe to what Inspirationbit said. Hurry up, write some great things now. Tomorrow it may be too late: wonderful people who have a lot of love to share are everywhere. All you have to do is watch and don’t let oportunities pass by you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hey Ronald: Sending you some cyber-hugs.

    Having “been there, done that” once, in addition to being the evil, nasty lawyer who drew up those papers for many folks, I can tell you with absolute certainty that “this too shall pass” and someday you will look back and know that, no matter how hard it is now, it was the right decision.

    Drop a line if I can be of any assistance. Will be thinking about you.

  6. Ronald,

    I read this post the day you posted it but was a bit confused. As Nathan said, that’s terrible. I can understand how these type of situations make you feel.

    Take care, man! And yeah, go out more, spend time writing something amazing. You’re very creative. All the best, Ronald!

  7. JHS,
    I do hope I can look back and know it was the right decision. The lawyer who drafted my papers has been married for over thirty years. It was almost ironic.

    Thank you. I never thought of myself as creative. And sorry for the confusion. I admit it came out of nowhere.

  8. I’m coming in after-the-fact! I have been there and done that. A pleasurable experience – not so much! Even in the best of situations, divorce is always a nasty experience!

    I recently finalized one after a decade of marriage with children. She wanted to find herself – yeah, I guess she did, with about three others with whom she was messing around with!


    It will get better with time. I empathize with your recent development and wish you well. Hope you can get everything resolved with civility. Once the attorneys start hashing it, they become like “beavers, and dam everything up!” Then, the only ones to benefit are the attorneys!

    Peace and blessings!

    Ato de . . .

  9. Hawk,

    I agree. My divorce has been very mild with no children, no house, and no big purchases or assets to split. It still sucks ๐Ÿ™‚

    The attorneys haven’t been too bad, but take forever sometimes. Lawyers provide a valuable service, but other times you just want to tell them, “Help me get on with my life please.”

  10. Sorry to hear that. I hope things are starting to get back to some degree of “normal” (although I know it can take a while, and “normal” won’t be the same).

    I’m sure that makes life harder right now, but keep hope, because God still has big plans for your life. Consider Jeremiah 29:11,13 : “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. … You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

    And remember that God delights in us surrendering to Him, even when our life seems like a big mess and we feel beat up and it doesn’t seem like much of a worthy gift to give a King — He just asks that we give all our life to Him, no matter how it looks at the time. And then He takes that and shapes it into something wonderful.

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