The Decline of Uno and Friends

Uno Level 200!
Yay! I made it to the very top level!

We’ve written numerous articles about Uno & Friends, but the latest rumor is that Uno & Friend is going away.

In the spirit of the other posts, I’m keeping this one short and opening it up for comments.

Why do you think Uno & Friends is going away and please feel free to share your frustrations in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “The Decline of Uno and Friends”

  1. Ronald Huereca

    I found this on their press site:

    A big thank you to everyone for coming along with us on this fun and wild journey! On July 30, 2018 Uno™ & Friends will be coming to a close and in-app purchases will shut down on June 30. For FAQs please visit our Notes section.

  2. Pauli Loeffler

    It isn’t a rumor and was announced several months ago, prior to Christmas as I recall. I really enjoyed the game but haven’t played for at least 3 or more months even though I have enough tokens and coins amassed to never have to buy any for the rest of my natural life. Ronald’s original post Uno and Friends is Evil really nailed the original issues while I offered ways to get around most of them. However, as the versions evolved, and Journeys, companions, team play, etc., were added, the game became more and more complicated, less fun, and even more costly, particularly if you were just a beginner. When I get the time, I plan to write about the Rise and Fall of the Uno and Friends Empire.

  3. The biggest frustration with this App is does not replenish tokens in a timely manner to enjoy the game nor does it reward enough tokens or cash for wins! Also would be nice to play a true classic game of uno, not just one hand, but to an actual score to win.

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