One recent website I discovered is quickly becoming one of my favorites. The website is called “Clients from Hell.”

It’s a showcase of quotes, stories, and e-mails from designers who have had a rough experience with a client.

Here’s a quick example:

I realy love it but can you change the colors and design? [sic]

My Client From Hell Experience

I submitted my own experience a week ago, but since I have yet to see it on the site, I’m assuming it got rejected. Here’s my own “Client From Hell” experience.

Please Provide an Estimate

Client: Hi! I saw you do excellent AJAX work. I have no clue how it works and need some AJAX work done on my site. Here’s my problem (xxx). Please provide a quote.

Me: Here’s my quote. I estimate the project to take 1-3 hours. My quote bills my hourly rate.

Client: There’s no way this can take any longer than one hour. My budget is only $40. Take it or leave it.

[I took the client’s budget. Did the work. I billed the client for a little over an hour and charged him the agreed $40.]

Client: Great work! Say, I have another AJAX project in mind. Here are the details. Please provide an estimate.

[Rather than get nickel-and-dimed on another estimate, I decided not to respond. I also don’t like it when a client who has “no clue” about a technology tells me how long something should take to finish.]

Do You Have a “Client From Hell” Story?

You can go over to Clients From Hell and submit your own story (which will hopefully be published).

Or, you can leave one here (as a comment) and be published immediately. Either way, have fun 🙂