The Chantix Diaries

In my never-ending quest to quit smoking, I am once again back on Chantix.

One of the really bad (or good) things about the drug is the side-effect of lucid dreams.

I can usually remember in excruciating detail what the dream was about.

So, I thought I would have a bit of fun (or scare you off) and start detailing some of the weird dreams I have as a result of the drug.

I’ve already freaked out a few of my co-workers with details from my previous Chantix experience, so let’s see how it goes.

I’ll write my first post in a few days after the drug has had a chance to kick in.

10 thoughts on “The Chantix Diaries”

  1. Some things are better kept to yourself. If you tried to quit smoking before and it didn’t work, just give up hope, embrace your life with cancer, and move on. J/K

  2. Ronald stop taking it! Jacob do your research BEFORE you run your mouth! Ronald I have been taking Chantix for 10 weeks and so has my husband. We both recently stopped taking it. We have numerous problems….nightmares, not sleeping, dizziness, tingling in the head, hands and face, heartburn!!!!!!, aggression!!!!, depression, too many more to mention. And before you speak again Jacob we do not have previous mental issues, and again if you do your research about 5,000+ other people agree with us! So Ronald if I where you I would go back to your doctor and try the patch or something. If you don’t believe me go to Good Luck :0)

  3. Samantha. Ronald is my brother, I mess with him, don’t take me seriously. Sorry the pills suck, but I wasn’t being serious, just like to mess with the big bro. Sorry to hear about your experience, I worked with people who were seriously mentally ill for years, so I can definately say medications don’t always do what they are supposed to, and sometimes the side effects can be awful. Sorry if you took my comments as being harsh or offensive, but just jabbing at the older bro.

  4. Sorry Jacob had no idea, I love to pick on my brother too!!! My husband and I are starting to feel better, still haven’t quit smoking, but at least now we don’t have Chantix screwing up our head. Come to find out it even raised my blood pressure which is usually VERY low. I would advise anyone taking this drug to use EXTREME caution. My husband has no prior health issues, and we have always had a great relationship. The next thing we knew we where fighting all the time, thankfully we realized it was Chantix and not us, and we never even stopped smoking. I read on another blog someone stated her husband became mean and hit her after taking Chantix, she stated prior to that he had never been violent. All I want people to know is that Chantix is not as safe as they claim it to be. I NEVER believed a drug could completely change the way you think until now. Good luck Ronald hope it works out for you!

  5. @All,
    Thanks for the comments.

    Chantix is indeed a very powerful drug. I’ve used it to quit twice already, so I kinda know what to expect.

    If you cut yourself off the drug cold turkey, then you will go through some rough withdrawal symptoms. I myself couldn’t sleep for two straight days. It almost makes you want to go back to smoking.

    Also, I had horrible anxiety. I haven’t had it since going back to cigarettes. However, cigarettes are a nice way of your body telling you, “Hey dude, it’s time for a break.” When you aren’t on cigarettes, it’s not as scheduled.

    No need to rip on Jacob. He’s just being a dorky younger bro. Take care.

  6. Hey Ron,

    I really have to echo what others have said here. My wife tried using it and had to stop after about 10 days. I hope the dreams are the worst of your side effects. In her case, the dreams and other side effects were VERY severe due to some other conditions. However the dreams were the least of her concerns.

    Good Luck!!!

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